Brother Down


Please keep our brothers and sisters at Worcester, MA Fire in your prayers. One of their own was trapped in an early morning house fire and died.


Very tragic



This brings back some bad memories for me. When I was still with KCFD 39 in Washington, I was nearly trapped when I fell through a stairway during a house fire. My air pack hung up on the edge of the hole and I was hanging by that and my armpits over the basement which was fully involved. Had it not been for my brothers who did not hesitate to come back onto that unstable stairway and pull me out, I’m sure I would not be here today to post this. To this day I consider every single firefighter and LEO my brothers and sisters. I am forever grateful to those brothers that saved my life so many years ago.




Prayers for all friends and Loveones.


Prayers in the wind


Oh man… :cry:


Robert, et al:

Agreed - very tragic. RIP.