Brownells Channel Deleted By youtube


Didn’t know if this is old news… new to me. Pretty stupid. They had some good videos. You would think a warning would have been in order as a common courtesy.


This is the socialist left we are dealing with. Courtesy is not in their vocabulary.


YouPuke could care less. I’ve stopped using them for anything other than live streams for a while now. Been using UGEtube while I wait for Full30 to catch up.


I had two videos with bumpstocks removed and got me a three month suspension. Both were educational. One was how to install a bumpstock, the other was how to use a bumpstock both right, and left handed.


They don’t care, they hate all things guns.


Perhaps I’ll do another podcast on this. Guns in games are OK, but guns in a safety video are not.


Personally, I think if they want to come down on firearms channels, such as mine. Believe me, I know there’s much bigger and better ones. I talk about firearm safety and education. How to videos, etc. If they want to do that, then go after game channels that have GTA or COD where guns and killing are all over. That’s the real problem. YT is so entrenched with gaming that they have special categories for sponsors that I’m not even able to apply for.


About the only use I see for youtube is watching old western movies from the 1950s and 1960s.
It’s ironic that these old movies express values and ideals contradicting those of youtube.
Guess the yahoos at youtube haven’t noticed.


I don’t even link youtube anymore. If you want to watch stuff, check out Kodi. Free streaming.


Yep, Kodi requires a lot of effort. I use Genesis reborn, and Neptune rising for aps. Those seem to cover just about everything.


I think is they dont want their platform…fine. Then get rid of all media relating to guns. All ww2 videos. Everything. No police videos either.

If guns are so evil then why have em up there? Its like some chain store (sporting goods. Not dicks. Cant remember the name). Their primary source of sales is ammo. Their lowest was for guns. So they announced they stand with the “children survivors”… no more guns… BUT THEY STILL SELL AMMO! So guns are evil. We dont sell em. We just sell ammo to fuel these horrible killing machines. Same with dicks. Who was saying "man I want a really nice AR…better go to dicks for the good sevice and their know how… NO ONE. Nothing like a double standard form ignorant *$%& tards.


Gaming channels are getting shit on too by the way. It isn’t just firearms and air guns.


This sucks! I have a lot of how to videos from Brownells saved to work on various guns of mine… They had been very helpful. I’m debating & trying to justify spending the $$$ to take some gunsmithing courses for the ability to be self reliant on the subject


They are going sfter video games next. The video game community isnt going to be youtubers for much longer either.


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