BSA red dot rd50sb

50mm shadow black red dot
weaver mount I think

Model rd50sb

how to use

Anyone had experience with this or these type of devices? I’m a n00b to it and optics/red dots in general. This was a gift and I think I’ll use it b/c I don’t have any others yet


Something like that should be great on a .22 plinker rifle…tons of fun for a non-critical application.
It may be usable on an AR as well, but I would avoid putting it on anything that recoils much more than that.
If you need something for a home or personal defense weapon I would recommend Vortex, Aimpoint, or Primary Arms.


Well I have a 22lr so that may be the destination thx. I’ll look for something for the others also from those brands. I need maybe 2 more pieces of glass I think.


If you are in the market, this is a great deal on a Primary Arms 5X scope. I had one on a 7.62X39 AR before the boating tragedy that took all of my firearms.


It’s odd to me to pay half of what I paid for the gun for a scope, we’ll see where or if that fits in the budget, maybe I’ll just get better with iron sites heh