Bucket list of shooting


What kind of firearms/weapon systems would you all like to fire on your bucket list?
For me I have a few on there starting from S&Ws 500 magnum to the m2 or Ma deuce as shes so loving referred to. Id also like to fire FK BRNO and a bunch of others.


For me, mostly original historical firearms.

Various WWII guns in particular.

I don’t care much about firing a gun really. They’re all mostly the same with just different recoil. For me it’s about handling and understanding the history of it.


I have a 500, and love shooting it. The desert eagle .50ae is another great handgun. I also have a .50bmg. Yes, I do like big guns. I want to shoot a 20mm anti tank, and a Gatling gun.


^ 100% this.


Main gun on the M1A1. Ohhhh yeeeaaaah! A girl can dream can’t she.


My bucket list: I want to go on a wild hog night hunt (Texas) from a helicopter fitted with a mini gun, thermal optics & some tracer rounds.


A 20 mm Orelikon would be awesome
A 16 inch on a battleship would be better
I’ve shot a ma duece before it was awesome but it rattles your teeth


I don’t know if there’s anything left I want to shoot. When I shot the Mk19, it kind of ruined me. Once you shoot a machine gun that shoots grenades, it’s hard to really compare anything else.


I guess my most important bucket list guns to fire are the .50 bmg and the .500 S&W Magnum (longer barrel - not the “snubby” ones).

Also looking forward to shooting the 6.5 Creedmoor at longer (greater than 300 yards) distance.


I want to shoot a full auto, original Lanchester MKI.


M134! And enough ammo to shoot it for an hour!


An original or accurate replica of a Gatlin.
Heck I’d even settle for the rimfire version.


The Armstrong 100-ton black powder cannon and the Badger tank.


We were looking at that for our honeymoon! And then I got pregnant and everything changed. Now range time is alone is precious and hard to come by.


I remember those days! I started family young, my daughter’s going to be 23 next week, my son just turned 21 couple months ago. Maybe you & hubby can plan a 2nd honeymoon down the road a little?


Maybe! Our daughter will be two in January and is a quite spirited child so we’ll probably wait until she’s a little older to take any trips without her.

Hopefully you can get out and do a hog hunt soon, maybe bring one or both of your kids along!


That would be nice, hard to get the 2 together! Lol my daughter’s finishing her last semester of nursing & my boy is in the ironworkers union. But, someday hopefully.


I want to fire bowling balls out of a cannon , shoot an RPG and launch anvils out of a medieval style catapult. Not really guns but its the same concept.


Anvils? I’d rather launch tiny people out of a catapult, they’ll make a neat shrieking sound as they scream flying through the air


I’ll bet lib launching from a trebuchet makes a cool sound too.