Buckmark 1911 Grip Conversion - I LOVE MY BUCKMARKS!


I own several Buckmarks. In my opinion they are the best .22 out of the box for competition purposes and even better with some tweaks. I have long been a precision competition guy but have recently moved into Steel Challenge. These grip adapters were part of my precision to speed conversion.


Post your videos, wherever you have them, when we get you plugged in here then you can post those :sunglasses:


@Robert all the thumbnails i have posted so far are linked to the video either on YouTube or GunStreamer. My apologies for assuming anything. You say that is alright? I have no intention of being all spammy, just want to drop a few things that are relevant to conversations, topics, etc. I don’t have a lot from matches, it is hard to compete and film at the same time.


You post what you have from either YT or GS, it benefits no-one to prohibit networking, it benefits everyone to promote it.

And if you can help promote @Robocop1051 's CR-7 elsewhere please do, Rob, be sure and help him help you!


@Robert & @Robocop1051 consider it done!


I’ve always loved the Buckmark, in all its variations. Just wish it had the same following the Ruger had. Hell, I wish it had half the following.


@CloverTac if you’re going to be at SHOT this year, you really should make the opportunity to meet me at my booth. I’m showing Wednesday, January 23, at booth W1606. It’s a one day event for me.

I’m mostly pushing my big rifle that day, the CROM CR-7. It’s a .338LM extreme long range battle rifle, built on a custom AR type format. I think I’m going to hav all kinds of goodies when I get there. I’m not 100% sure what else we’ll have finished in time.


@Robocop1051 I am definitely going to be at SHOT.


Come by on Wednesday. I’ve a gang of people coming. I want it to be an 8hr party at the booth.


boy, can’t do no 8 hour party, i got way to much that needs to be accomplished at SHOT this year. LOL