Budget Bleed Kit


Wasn’t sure what category to put this in, didn’t see anything for EDC or first aid. Had an opportunity to buy some Celox gauze packages at a reasonable price so I decided to put together some kits for serious bleed events. I have been giving these to co-workers and family as I put them together. I have about $10-$11 in each kit, cheap compared to what many on the market go for. The Celox is over half the expense. The RAT tourniquets are chinese made versions but I figured including a cheap version was better than not including one at all. I also wanted them to be compact enough that I could actually get people to carry them in there computer bags, book bags, or just keep one in their glove box. I try to give a quick rundown on how to use the stuff when I hand one out, more often than not they look at me like I’m a nut and maybe I am.

Contents are 2 ea. 4x4 Celox gauze pads, RAT tourniquet, 2 ea. large surgical gauze pads, surgical gloves, emergency blanket, and 7-8 foot of duct tape. I have a couple dozen cheap medical shears coming, if they work I will include them. Any ideas for something I should add would be great, trying to stay inside the quart size ziplock bag.


Great idea!


Can never have too much medical :call_me_hand:


For your purpose I would say more gauze, still keeping your pack light and thin. Just my .02


FD/EMT approved.
Good package!