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Says I’m supposed to make an introduction. I swear I had a forum username when you first rolled out the Full30 forum, but looks like I had to re-register.

I run the YouTube channel “Buffman-Range”. I started a YouTube channel many ages ago when it became cheaper to have a video camera to upload footage. My channel name was originally a nickname from high school, that I used as a screen name on online forums. I started uploading simple ammo videos, and have grown from there. I added the “Range” ( Reviewing Ammo-N-Guns Everyday) a few years ago, and started solely uploading ammo, armor, guns, and other firearm only content.

I’ve been slowly uploading content on Full30.com since about September of 2018. I’m glad to be here! I know my content is safe here, and I look forward to being part of Full30 :smiley:


Welcome Buffman




Welcome. I do enjoy your videos!


Welcome to the forum Brother!
I love the videos you make. Keep up the good work!




Welcome to the forum Brother.


Your secret is out! You have the original time machine or the Delorian version?


Welcome aboard.


Welcome @BuffmanRange
Great to have you here!!!


Welcome back! Glad you could join us!


Welcome to Full30 forum @BuffmanRange Good to have you here. I’m pretty sure I added your channel to the master list of member channels yesterday.

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Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum. I look forward to more of your FiveseveN posts.:+1:


Welcome to the forum