Bug-out and SHTF weapon selection


So lots of talk about SHTF weapons…
While having a belt fed .50 BMG in the back of your armored troop carrier maybe awesome, it doesn’t help when you have to carry a lot of stuff or be quiet on foot.
There are so many options in today’s market. And one thing that also comes up is parts to keep your firearms running… :thinking:
Well, the trusty Ruger 10/22 has been around a long time. 1964 and they are still going strong. There are factory parts, after market parts, different designs, and for the most part, they will interchange with each other.
This set up, a take down fitted into a Magpul backpacker stock, QD scope and a Energetic Armament NYX Mod 2 suppressor with a QD mount is a great set up. Cram it into your back pack… carry it… drop a threat or get something to eat when there is far fewer choices than Safeway.

Ammo is cheap, you can carry a lot even in a pocket… it can be very quiet, has high capacity, and is light enough to carry all day.
With so many choices, it is hard to beat.


It is going to be a very tough choice and I suspect you’ll have dozens of different answers in here. Plus the obligatory responses like; “you cannot predict when or how you’ll react” and “or if you’ll have access to your stuff if SHTF” blah blah blah. Haha.

For me my “loadout” has changed. I’ll likely take the PS90 (ammo is small and very light) and my Canik TP9 9mm I just bought so the Star got replaced but only out of practicality I assure you. With 50rd mags for the PS90 and 18rd mags for the TP9 these would be a sensible choice. If I had a 10/22 you bet I’d take that too since my rifle bag has 2 slots with straps to carry 2 rifles.

Offtopic: I really need to get a 10/22…


Black Friday usually has them on sale at most dealers.
$199 at Dicks now but as you know unlike obammy I hate Dicks w%20p%20bozo


How big is cory’s meat whistle bozo?


A takedown integral is on my need to have list


Yes… you need a .22 even if it us a light weight pistol.
Ruger makes a take down now with an aluminum barrel. Really light.
The Sp90 is an awesome weapon… my P90 is select fire, but the load out can be impressive.
I do think it is funny though all those arguments about “you do not know where you will be!”
I have 3 handguns everywhere I go… I also have a rifle, with a 500 round load out. While this may change, what rifle I actually have, that’s what I have…
This will get me what I need and me to where I need to go at the time. At least gives me a chance.
But I do look at it like this… where is my ammo coming from?
While I have about 2k in 5.7 ammo it is hard to find still. I cannot find it in an old truck on the floor boards or in a mechanics tool box. Or in a garage…
Oh the advantages of .22 LR
Hahahaa :grin:


For a .22 rifle, I kinda like the Armalite survival rifle.
The one where everything fits in the stock that floats.
Lots of manufacturers have made a version.
For hunting without drawing attention to one’s self, there’s archery, too.


Oh yes, archery… I have a compound bow myself and I am quite familiar with it.



A LOT can be said with a suppressed .22 pistol. Concealed, light, and at close range… deadly.


Outdoor Limited has decent prices and don’t rape you on the shipping.


Good pricing. Hhahahhaaa


James Bond shot down a helicopter with one.
Charter Arms one here since 70’s


I do believe that having a very concealable side arm is important. Call it a back up, or a last ditch weapon, what ever… does it have to be suppressed? Of course not. But I think it helps. I am obviously a big fan of suppressed weapons.


I think I would go with an AR15 in 5.56 and a 10/22.


I’m a big fan of .22lr conversion kits. I have a Colt kit and a Ceiner Kit. The Ceiner is much more popular for magazines. I made myself a little molle pouch that fits two mags and a conversion kit. It’s a perfect attachment for my gear. My scope is still “Minute of Squirrel” at 25 yards after the caliber swap. Less than a minute to convert from .223 to .22lr, and now I have two rifles for only a pound of gear.



This is a tough one. I would likely give you a different answer every time I responded. But, going on mobility being high priority, keeping the guns and ammo light as possible becomes more important. As such, I have two favorites:

A .357/.38 snubnose and a lever action in .22 mag.


While guns are great… let’s not forget those things you can pick up along the way to help you get home or that next meal. Berserker tools are always welcome. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crossed_swords:


Sometimes having the ability to lay down some lead is a good thing too.


Is that a tool or a weapon? I mean it could be both I understand. But what’s the original use case?