Bug-out and SHTF weapon selection


Oh, those are tools for opening up thick skulled individuals who need to feed the grass.


Hey… how many of you think of a good bat when it comes to hitting a home run?


Something else that actually quite a few people over look… blades


Oh, I love this topic. So, there’s a lecture I give people about “the four firearms every person should own.”

1: A defensive shotgun. Nothing longer than 20", preferably in 12ga as it’s the most versatile and readily available. Even the U.S. military can’t standardize this. So, model is really a moot point. But, it’s gonna both protect you AND feed you. And, unless you’re shopping for a Benelli or an FN, it’s not gonna break the bank. Buy two. Or seven. (I think I have seven, now.)

  1. A .22lr. This is for small game and training, if need be. Again, ammo is everywhere. The AR-7 is handy but it’s accuracy leaves a little to be desired. Usually, I’d suggest a Marlin model 60 (pre-Remlin, if I have a choice) or a 10/22. That said, personally, I have all three (and several pre-Remington model 60’s. I have no excuse for this. Lol)

  2. A full-sized, proven pistol. This is something a military or LE agency has carried and put through the ringer. And, although I own a few, 1911’s are not my top choice, here. There’s too many options with higher magazine capacity (Beretta M9, Sig P226, a dozen Glock models, HK, trust me, you’re gonna want double stacked, here). [Also, I own all of these, as well. Noticing a trend?]

  3. A decent battle rifle. AR or AK would be my first suggestions (you guessed it, I have both). Ammo and parts are readily available. Plus, there’s a damn good chance, depending on the situation, that you’ll come across plenty lying around on the ground. But, anything battle tested will do (I know, some of you are gonna want heavy guns and heavy ammo. So, SKS, M1 Garand, FN FAL, whatever. Just remember, you gotta carry it).

That’s, more or less, the scripted answer I give to this question. My personal approach (as you may be able to tell) is to have as many of these as I can (Never know when you’ll have to arm someone else or need to barter for stuff). And, when it comes to rifles and pistols, Make sure you do some hard training with any platforms you own. And, with as many platforms as you can get your hands on. Last thing you want is to get eaten by zombies because you only trained with an AK and happened to have an AR in your hand when they showed up.


Oh yes! Have to agree!
Added to my list is long bow, compound bow, crossbow (harder to get bolts than arrows though)
Blades of all sorts. Me, I do carry and have trained with a sword. A sword is a very overlooked weapon in my opinion. A good wrist rocket too… short staff, long staff. More than one use for these and both can be fitted with blades.


I have met more people with firearms galore and only a few with a good supply of ammo…
For every firearm owned, think long and hard to have at least 1000 rounds for it. If it is a 22 LR, 2000
Personally, I have a lot more than that. :grin:


Me, too. :+1::+1::+1:


Lets face it… an aluminum baseball bat is hard to beat… this one is in a Russian USSR theme. Hahhahaha


Lets face it… a guy with a chainsaw is scary… though I would fear a blade more. But still. Good survival equipment is important.


I love the bat! Let’s face it, if you’re going to bash someone’s head in, you need to do it stylishly!


:joy: Donald Duck with a chainsaw is much more scary than a man with a chainsaw!:joy::rofl:


A long blade is a great option if you’re trained, but that’s a very small percentage… and even those that do “train” probably don’t train enough. Spear have proven for centuries that a foot soldier can achieve a lot more effectiveness with a lot less training.

I’ve contemplated a short spear on multiple occasions. The Cold Steel Assagai seems like a legit option for those of us without the appropriate training. I also like the broomstick spearhead options made by S&W and SOG. For a SHTF tool, you can carry the spearhead as a knife, and attach it to almost any common broomstick. For us in more urban settings, this would provide a lot more use than cutting a worthless branch from a city park.


So would you be riding around on that patrol motorcycle with a spear sitting on the handle bars like you are jousting?


100%! Hahhahahha


Spears are great and the cold steel unit can be used as a knife as well.


I have room on the side


looks well used :grin:


it’s called a bayonet…


That"ll be some Mad Max shit with the spear mounted on your bike!


One word: Rwanda.