Bug-out and SHTF weapon selection


That’s just another reason I really love my swords… bwwwaahhahahha


Something that is quite often overlooked is a good but compact shovel. The best one I have found is the Glock entrenching tool. Even comes with a saw. Perfect to have in the car or truck. These little tools can do a lot. Including becoming a melee weapon


War hawks have become very popular… i love them myself… this one is by Cold Steel and is very affordable.


I might have posted this before.
I’m a big fan of baseball bats.

NSFW NSFW or children


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The TSA really is a joke. A guy gets on our plane from Jamaica with a 4 pack of liquor bottles.
4 - 1 liter bottles of Wray and Nephew Over Proof white rum. 130 proof
My tooth paste is too big but let’s let a gallon + of flammable liquid in the passenger compartment.

We are governed by complete jerkoffs


Condor Yoshimi machete and Cold Steel Bushman/Trailhawk.


Here’s a pic of my runaround pack (right), alongside @98Z’s pack (left). Even though we live over 800 miles from each other, and collaborated ZERO on our kits, upon comparison they were nearly identical… great minds think alike… so do damaged minds!!!

Both are kitted with CRKT Chogan Tomahawks, and fixed long blades. I think @98Z has a Hogue blade. Mine is a LanCay M9. I also have a military E-Tool strapped to the side… amongst many many MANY other goodies.

This bag has got me through some awesome shit!


How do you like those shockwave style shotguns?


Not gonna lie… love it!! Since that pic it’s received a SB brace and has become my go-to when riding in the back of the Rhino.

I’ve proven it’s worth time and time again. I’ve shot trap with it, using just the shockwave grip. It took a little practice, but me and scatter guns are a perfect match.

Whether it’s loaded with 9 pellet 00 buck, or aguila mini 4 buck, this gun is a destructive force.


Well nothing says “Hello, dont fuck with me” quite like a 12 ga.


And if they get even closer and you want to save ammo…


Who has suppressors on their list of gear to grab? This one is by Rugged, Obsidian 9 in the short configuration.


Excellent deals on these SHTF worthy blades right now!



In the event that SHTF, I would want to carry something that I can find accessories for anywhere. Thats why I would go with the trusty Glock 19 as a side arm (everyone has 9mm and extra mags), and a 5.56 or .300 BLK rifle. There are hundreds of different SHTF scenarios so its certainly hard to prepare for every case. To each his own!


I would go with a 556 over a 300…


WWith DS Arms Coming out with new models, I decided to pick this one up. I forgot just how much I love the FAL…
Especially the paratrooper.
First off, it is relatively light weight for the size of the weapon. Easy to take apart and clean, even the gas system.
Obviously a proven design and magazines are available. An adjustable gas system and with the ability to run optics it is a major plus.
I would grab one over other 308 cal semi auto rifles that are available out there now.


Nice! What are they going for?$$


The one I picked up is in the 2k range, but I sell it for $1790.00
They are making a lot of new models so the range of pricing is from $1000.00 to over $2000.00


Which is cheap compared to the ammo :grimacing: