Build a cabin from pallet wood


Found this video and was fascinated.

And the follow up.




I thought so. Posted a follow up video. Had no idea these were Brits. Not that it matters.

Wife and I are going to build a greenhouse when we move out to the country. This video gives me motivation for this and to try and build a small cabin out on the property border too.


PRETTY COOL! It would make a pretty nice hunters shack, if you have your own land.


As kids we built a nice tree fort out of pallets. They were everywhere and free or easily “liberated”
Made a fake grave with “Steve”.on the cross. Going to the tree fort one Saturday there were cops all over.
They were digging up the fake grave.
Laughingly we told them it was fake - they kicked our asses around a bit.

"60’s - great time to be a kid!


Best thing about this is it is pretty easy to find free pallets