Building 1911s on 80% frames - Share yours, ask questions

LA County!? Sorry. I understand. Im in OC. This whole state has lost its mind but LA & SF are stupid crazy.

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Forgot to answer your other question. No, I have not built on a kit. I have always selected the parts I wanted to go into a build.

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How’s the state of Jefferson thing going? Lots of us in the other states hope this or some other sweeping change happens to you all in CA.

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Realistically the splitting the state thing may be a pipe dream. But I did attend a CRPA event yesterday that was geared to “get out the vote.” So…

PLAN A: Only a fraction of the 8 million gun owners in this state vote and even less attend gun shows. A number of us volunteered to reach out to more gun stores and churches to see if we can address customers and church goers to encourage them to vote. Especially in the primary as Ca is a top two state. Only the top two candidates after the primary move on to the general election. Easy here to end up with two liberals.
So the gun owners that aren’t as passionate as we, tend to be complacent. That’s who we’re trying to reach now.

PLAN B:. If we could get Ca to secede from the US. We’d be counting on you guys in other states to attack us and by force overthrow our government. You’ll have plenty of help from the inside. Then we form a new government and apply for statehood again. Sounds like a plan, right? Not sure I’ll live that long though. So back to plan A



Make sure to measure each side of the rail just to check if the cuts are identical.
The chips look like you are taking off too much each pass.

I pulled the videos that show this off YouTube due to their policy changes.
But you can find them on Gun Streamer, UGETube, 1776tv, and BitChute. Hopefully they will eventually be here on Full30 too.


Yup, it is very disheartening that so many gun owners in CA don’t vote, don’t sign petitions, and don’t generally participate in the “decision making”.


Anyone else building 1911s?


Thank you very much. I think we need a Smiffin’ section in this forum.


Not sure what you mean.

I see.

I will write up some stuff.

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Great job Robert ! !!!

Nice 1911…

Very nicely done. When is the test fire?

That is really nice!

What’s with all the deleted posts?


Have you not noticed that about a certain Regular before?

he’s going for the deleted badge

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I think he goes on these delete binges either right befor or after confession.


You sir are a tradesman and unless you are actually working as a gunsmith, you are in the wrong vocation

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