Building 1911s on 80% frames - Share yours, ask questions


These are all beautiful. @Robert said he needs more tools. I lack, the tools, talent and patience to do anything like this.

You mention you’re into these roughly $1200. What might the sales price be? Mind you mounds of cash is yet another thing I lack.


Looking at your list, you dont need a drilling jig if you are getting a decking jig with drill inserts. Buy you may need to get the drill bits if it doesn’t come with them

Also, depending on the frame in the kit you may not need a barrel seat cutter or the decking jig. Usually it is one or the other. See what is listed as steps/actions to complete the frame. Some frames come with in spec decks but need barrel seats, others come with barrel seats cut but need to be decked.


Yeah, I noticed some redundancy in my tool selection, but hey, too many tools or not enough…easy to forgive myself for the over purchase,

and yes, my barrel locks up nice, doesn’t look like the lug cutter was necessary either

However, this is a practice run on a MIM parts kit and I can see going after some quality next go around,

Also, I did not realize this is full length guide rod set up, eeeek, o-well, live and learn


Thank you. I can’t sell them. I am not licensed to make these for other people. I hope to move to a more gun friendly county soon and apply for one.


woooah, what?

A county license? not a federal firearms manufacturer license? Do tell?

Also, have you done a cheap kit like mine?


I can see the MV yes

if you send out a completed one for chrome etc are you then using an FFL and if so is it an issue in any way?


No, I currently live in Los Angeles County that has very strict zoning rules and anti-gun regulations that would make getting a new homebased FFL impossible.


As a gun owner you can send your gun to FFL directly, for handguns you have to use overnight FedEx or UPS service, for long guns USPS is ok. Or you could have an FFL send it to the Finisher FFL.


LA County!? Sorry. I understand. Im in OC. This whole state has lost its mind but LA & SF are stupid crazy.


Forgot to answer your other question. No, I have not built on a kit. I have always selected the parts I wanted to go into a build.


How’s the state of Jefferson thing going? Lots of us in the other states hope this or some other sweeping change happens to you all in CA.


Realistically the splitting the state thing may be a pipe dream. But I did attend a CRPA event yesterday that was geared to “get out the vote.” So…

PLAN A: Only a fraction of the 8 million gun owners in this state vote and even less attend gun shows. A number of us volunteered to reach out to more gun stores and churches to see if we can address customers and church goers to encourage them to vote. Especially in the primary as Ca is a top two state. Only the top two candidates after the primary move on to the general election. Easy here to end up with two liberals.
So the gun owners that aren’t as passionate as we, tend to be complacent. That’s who we’re trying to reach now.

PLAN B:. If we could get Ca to secede from the US. We’d be counting on you guys in other states to attack us and by force overthrow our government. You’ll have plenty of help from the inside. Then we form a new government and apply for statehood again. Sounds like a plan, right? Not sure I’ll live that long though. So back to plan A


For anyone who may try the cheap kit as I am trying, the decking jig is not needed so less 80.00 from your budget

now, I mounted my frame in my new vice, grabbed a beer and am heading to find a MV video


The beer is fresh and tasty and my attention span rivals that of a LOOK SQUIRREL!!

which is why I am watching this video instead of one related to what I planned 3 weeks ago


I suppose its wrong I didn’t automatically decline?

I elected to not hand crank

1st pass went ok, took off more than I expected

After 3 passes


I am envious of your digital caliper

stopped for priorities, likely wont return today, pretty full, and we finally got rain so the garage is a sweat box



Make sure to measure each side of the rail just to check if the cuts are identical.
The chips look like you are taking off too much each pass.

I pulled the videos that show this off YouTube due to their policy changes.
But you can find them on Gun Streamer, UGETube, 1776tv, and BitChute. Hopefully they will eventually be here on Full30 too.


Yup, it is very disheartening that so many gun owners in CA don’t vote, don’t sign petitions, and don’t generally participate in the “decision making”.


I hope you can post your video’s here soon also,

They were unbalanced, I tried to do 1/4 turns on the heavy side and 1/2 on the light but had to stop, went over what I planned and its heavier on one side…they really seem thick to me also and I don’t believe I went anywhere near 20 passes like it says to expect

Now I’m on hold till I get some lapping compound.


Anyone else building 1911s?




Thank you very much. I think we need a Smiffin’ section in this forum.