Building 1911s on 80% frames - Share yours, ask questions


Had a bit of time today, and someone asked me to checker their 80% frame for them.

Refined the undercut and trued up the front strap

Horizontals done-ish

Verticals done-ish

Sharpened the pyramids

Haven’t done this in a while. Took 5 hours.


Thank you. I actually plan on getting a license so I can start doing this for a living. :slight_smile:


I dont have super skills, but I think this thread can be moved to the 80% builds section.

And I had my Build 9 refinished in cerakote. If I remember correctly the color is Titanium.


I don’t much go for newer 1911’s but that is gorgeous. Excellent job!


Thank you very much.
It is a good shooter too. Or it used to be.

Haven’t had time to take it out after refinish.


your worst is better than anything I could do


You are too kind.


Youre not that old…I remember…


By the way, I am scheduling the videos to be published here at 10am and 7pm each day. So 2 videos per day.
What do you guys think?



One day I hope to do one of these.


You absolutely should. It is a lot of fun and there is a pride factor…


R.I.A. kits are an easy start, mostly all fitted parts, just have to do the lower.


Seeing this topic again really has my brain cells working overtime with curiosity. :cowboy_hat_face:

@Mosinvirus, hey bud at some point can you do or have you planned on doing some how-to videos on those of us who want to get started to learn how to do this? Since this sort of thing is banned on youpuke I’d love to see how this is done and what sort of basic equipment / tools you’d need just to do a basic GI clone–nothing fancy, just one that goes bang. Seeing yours in the flesh (well in the video) tells me you know what you’re doing more that some other hack on the internet so I’d love to see it if you had the time.

I just hope something like this isn’t beyond my skillset / capability because I’d love to learn how to do this and maybe down the road figure out how I can build my own Star pistols for myself. I’m about to build my workbench and get a vice so the process is about to start with me getting some fun adult workman’s toys.


Are you in a Free State or one like California?


Right now I live in Texas. We still like guns here.


I love living in Texas.


That makes things somewhat easier and a lot cheaper.

You dont need to start with 80% frames, which means you dont need to mill the rails and drill the holes (or if you dont have a mill, buy jigs)

What do you want to build (size, caliber)?


I don’t but it beats about 45 of the remaining 50 states. :wink:


I think for my first attempt I’d like to just have a basic simple GI government model clone in .45 ACP. I had someone tell me once that you can make all the necessary cuts / holes with a power drill. I of course found that preposterous…or is it? :confused: