Building 1911s on 80% frames - Share yours, ask questions


With .38 super I think you could use the slide weight, but if you do decide to port the way I did, remove the front sight first. Clearly mark where you want to file and which lines you dont want to file past.

Good luck. Just dont rush it. Also, you way want to start with a triangular file to create notches that will help keep the round file aligned. Space your ports evenly and stay away from where the locking lugs are in the slide.

In order to make it easier on yourself, file two ports on one side and two on the other. Then if you feel like it add a port on each and so on. This way you won’t lock yourself into a certain number of filing one side completely and then having to repeat that same number on the other side.

I generally tried to follow the angle of the grip for the ports, but it may be easier to file perpendicular to slide axis.

Oh and don’t get too close to the front of the slide where the barrel bushing locking lug slot is.


I think what you see is Dyken layout fluid I’am still working on checkering and the under cut… It was a smooth frame so I checkered the front strap and the main spring housing. The frame is a ramped frame so the barrel seat is cut in so no decking.


You think that the slide may be to light to do that? That’s why I asked thank you and thanks for the great videos I learned a lot from them. This is my 4th build and first al frame.


Wow that is a sad story for that guy can’t have guns in the house.


No, the slide should not be too light. If it is, you will see casings eject very far. If that happens, you can step up in recoil spring weight.


@Mosinvirus your attention to detail on these builds is impeccable, a real artist of the craft. Well done sir.


Thank you very much.


Just though I asked a few questions, what do you like best standard or bull barrel ? Getting close to finishing my build and thinking of what next. I don’t have a officer model so maybe. Fusion sells barrels in 380 cal. what do think? Also have you ever tried Rock Island 80% frames?


I actually prefer the bushing style barrels. Also, thinking about wear and tear, which for most people is not an issue, but if you shoot a lot and the barrel has a chance of loosening up due to wear and tear at the front of the slide, with a bushing barrel you would be able to replace a bushing. With a bull barrel… not so much.

Mostly, you will notice a slight difference in recoil impulse when using a bull barrel vs standard bushing setup.

With an officer model I would go with a bull barrel or cone barrel.
I never used a .380 barrel, and never used Rock Island 80% frames.


No paper clip needed on a bushing frame for take down :+1:


Thank you so much for the input,


I think I would try the 2 piece one.