Building a new Gaming Rig or Buying a Gaming Laptop?


I was thinking about rebuilding my current desktop to a new gaming rig and go from a sandybridge i7 to a coffeelake i7 and a geforce 550Ti to a GTX 1070. But then I found the MSI GS65 and was swooned. I like the ability to go places and not look like a complete nerd.

Any thoughts? Anyone buy the GS65?


Personally, I keep my laptops simple. Power is for the desktop.


True, I am always on the go, I find it hard sometime to sit down at an actual desk and do any work.


I spend most of my time on my laptop. One it right now in the hospital. However, for the power work, video editing and such. That’s on the desktop. I tried doing that on a laptop and it didn’t work well.


Desktops are much better than laptops.
They run cooler, last longer and have sturdier components.
But there’s no denying that laptops are handier, even if their lifespan is short.
If that’s what you need, just be prepared to replace them more often than a desktop
It doesn’t seem to matter which laptop, either.
They seem to all fail at the same rate, and have the same problems.
Apparently they’re all made of the same stuff, regardless of the name.


I go through a laptop every 3-4 years.


Yeah, desktops seem to last a long time.
Our two desktops are eight and ten years old.
We’ve gone through at least four or five laptops in that time.
But it’s hard to hold a desktop on your lap while reading an ebook.


I’ve had my MacBook Pro for 6 years and my desktop for about 7. The longest I have gone without an upgrade… my phone has been upgraded every 2 years or less though… haha


My galaxy note lasted for years. One of my laptops I wore the space bare out, wore a hole in it.


I’ve decided never to buy another laptop.
Instead, I’ve rigged up the smallest desktop I could find, with wireless mouse and keyboard, to our monitor/tv.
It works just fine from the couch, as comfortable as any laptop.
It should also outlast any laptop.
Just a thought.


One of my old laptops is connected to my TV with a wireless keyboard with a touch pad. I run the TV with it, no cable needed, just stream what I want, when I want.


I did that, too.
But the Lenova laptop is beginning to fade.
No sound anymore without using ear buds.
The curser disappears and reappears at will.
And it jumps web pages without warning.
It’s probably doomed.
It will be the last laptop around these parts.


Rebuild it with linix. I run mint.


The oldest desktop runs on linux Ubuntu.
Linux is good and the price is right, free.
My last couple of laptops ran various versions of Linux after they croaked on Windows.
But it was short lived as they failed again on Linux.
Sometimes ya’ just have to put them out of their misery.
They were a Sony Vaio, Asus, and one other that I can’t recall.
Like the guy said, they’re all made of the same crap.


^ This.


4.3gig 8 core liquid cooled processor and 32 gigs of ram and 4 terabite of hardrive space.


What CPU/mobo you got in there? I almost built a new PC, I came REAL close but decided I want what was eventually the PS90–and I’m glad I did. I think I’m gonna buy my components piece by piece though. Hopefully by the time I’m ready to finish building it they’ve figured out how to get Win7 64-bit working on a Ryzen or a newer-than-Skylake Intel CPU reliably. But I digress!


Not sure of the exact one, But it’s a AMD. Low price, but they run super hot.


Get a free non-malware program called CPU-Z. It’ll tell you the tech specs of your rig including speeds and model numbers. :smiley:


I’m not there right now. Still sitting in the hospital.