Building any site is a long, drawn out process

I wanted to share some thoughts I’ve been having about Full30, youpuke, and other video sharing sites.

Building something like that cost a lot of money, and I mean a lot. Youpuke had little competition and was able to grow with demand as demand was low in the beginning. As they grew, more advertisers came a calling.

Fast forward to today. Youpuke is starting to see competition, in addition to that their politically driven censorship is driving away advertisers. Because of that they have far more channels than they can deliver ads to. How did they address this? Removing ads from all channels under 1000 subscribers. Then they started to delete subscribers in huge numbers to knock more below that threshold. Still wasn’t enough, she they started to unmonitize videos for channels that didn’t fit their political views, ie, gun channels. Finally, they are now deleting channels in large numbers. Now they have fewer channels to deliver ads to keeping creators happy at the cost of smaller channels. In a nut shell, YT no longer has the ad revenue to support the number of content creators they have. They can’t back peddle on their agenda, so they crush the little guys. IMO, this strategy will keep going down hill until YT simply falls apart.

Now, several sites have shown up to fill this gap, and I’ve tried just about all of them. Most have bitten off more than they can chew. A few are doing OK. Sites like Vimeo charge a fee to creators if you want any decent service.

But what about Full30. This place seems different. They’re not allowing channels to show up in huge numbers. IMO, they want to grow with demand, not let demand over take them. If that happens the system will become unreliable, like so many others I’ve tested out. They also need to have advertising income to match the channels and views. Otherwise creators won’t want to waste their time.

Bottom line, we all need to sit tight. My only wish is someone would give us some kind of official word as to what is going on. I’ve tried a few different methods of contacting someone, but got no answer as of yet. IF I receive some word, I will share it here.

Tactical Dan


These two paragraphs are the most important bit I think. There’s a reason why old sayings exist such as “good things come to those who wait”. To me quality over quantity rules.


I think full 30 should add perks to a paid membership. If this site could become a youpuke alternative and pull away their top video sharing channels, that to me would be worth a little money a month. That is just me… $5 a month membership for uploading and added perks. Not sure what the member count is here, but individual cost will be $60 a year. Not bad. But with 2000 members that’s 120,000 that full 30 could use for improvements, adds redirecting people from youtube to full 30… It has the potential to make this site great. This will be difficult… I mean… I would do $5 a month… but if it climbed it would be hard to swing. Maybe if they posted improvements that would be possible and lock members in for 1-2 years at the $5 and poll again to see if the majority wants to keep membership the same, or temporarily increase to better the site, it would work well. As long as greed does not kick in and they decide to pocket the majority of the funds ( I would like to not even think that, but we all have bills and wants/ needs. I am sure at some point the people running full 30 would make out really well witch is fine, as long as the site does not suffer. )

Being united, I see this being a great site. Being funded by members? More possibilities! I would like to see the forum being linked directly to the video channels. That alone, having the forum and the channel together, is worth a subscription to me. Thoughts?

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That’s something I’ve always felt youpuke missed out on. To have the videos in a forum style, combining the two would be a great thing, IMO, but not sure if it’s possible at this time.

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That is why I would not mind paying some for a subscription, so things like this can be possible… and be possible sooner because waiting sucks :wink:

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