Building the Ultimate Ultra-Light AR-15 for Hunting and Survival

There was a recent post on AMMOLAND that is worth your reading “Building the Ultimate Ultra-Light AR-15 for Hunting and Survival” the author is a good friend of mine named Bill Mooney.

This company is owned by an engineer that is looking for new dealers and affiliates. He is working on a new version of the AR Pistol that seems to be the latest craze. If anyone is interested in getting involved on this ground floor opportunity let me know by private message.

I talked with Bill Mooney today and the said they had this rifle field tested with 5000 rounds run through it and it never had a failure or required cleaning (of course cleaning is a good idea but wasn’t required).

This is a good read and I hope you will enjoy it.


Good read great rifle especially in 6.5 G!


Nice, a 5 pound build. The barrel he used is made near me, less than an hour south of me.


Man, that is a sweet lookin rifle


I agree, but too me the most interesting thing is they ran 5000 rounds through it without the need to clean it. That was the very first thing the original m16 failed at


any guesses as to the final cost?


2’ish… for the base unit. When you factor in everything else the price can vary all over the board. One of the things Bill (the author) was trying to do is get the unit in people’s hands. He sold some at dealer rates to instructors and they have turned around and resold them to students. Most of us are hard to impress and when firearms really make a huge technological leap it takes shooting one to be convinced.


That’s not really that impressive, tbh. I ran 7k threw a Colt 6920 with no cleaning. I treated it like shit and ran it threw several carbine classes, it seen rain, mud, freezing temps and got slammed around quite a bit. No issues. A lot of that is internet myth or people thinking the AR/m16 is still where it was at in Vietnam. To be fair, the most ive ran in one day was 800 rounds or 1000-1200 in two days.

You want impressive? I always post this in response to these types of discussions.
In the article Pat Rogers talks about running his BCM 30k with no cleaning while being abused. No hammer forged barrel or anything fancy either. Its just your run of the mill basic BCM AR. It was finally retired at 60k supposedly with less than 10 cleanings total.

The m16 in Vietnam was a deliberate mess, no fault of the platform. The government was upto its usual fuckery and because of them good men died…again no real accountability on their half
either. Bad ammo/powder, non chrome lined parts, lack of cleaning etc were all issues but the real problem was the politicians being politicians.

Worth a watch