Bulgarian Makarov surplus dried up already?


Bought my Bulgarian Makarov surplus pistol almost exactly a year ago and now it seems they are all out of stock from several of the larger surplus sites. Have these dried up and if so what sort of value do they have now? Gunbroker seems to be in the $350-500 range depending on magazine count + w/original holster but I’m not sure if this is an accurate market value or not. I’ve got an original red star grip and the target grip plus the original mag and the pistol has a 1994 mfg date.

I’m feeling peckish to trade it / sell it for something else but have no idea what sort of value it has and if these have dried up and I should hold on to it a little longer? It’s a fantastic little thing, very accurate, but I want to get something older (think Nagant revolver or an antique M1891 Mosin).



So I found a shop locally that had a pretty decent Nagant revolver so I packed up my Makarov and my 9mm bullpup carbine and drove the 45 minutes to get there only to receive an offer for … $175 for both. I understand they are a business but this jerkbag started bullshitting when he said my Makarov was in bad condition and gave me the ultimate low ball offer. It isn’t in collector condition, but other than some holster wear near the muzzle its in pretty good shape for being a former LE carry weapon and is a fantastic shooter and EDC. Worth more than what he was offering.

What a waste of time…


That sucks. Might be able to do better at a pawn shop. I don’t mind haggling but I hate lowballers.


Funny thing, I agree that a pawn shop would probably give me $175 just for the Makarov and likely be willing to work with me if I was buying something with them. While it isn’t what I’d like to get out of it that would be less insulting. I want to find someone trustworthy locally to sell it to, hell I may try our local Cabela’s, they were very fair when I sold them my Kel Tec PMR-30. I’m a little uneasy of selling off gunbroker.

The dude at this shop I went to today also kept staring at his computer monitor and just wouldn’t look me in the eye which I found a little shady. Plus he was so concerned with stuff being in “collector condition”, most of his old stuff absolutely wasn’t. Especially his mil surp rifles and Ballester Molina which was my second thing I wanted to look at while I was there if the Nagant revolver wasn’t in the shape advertised.


Have you thought of putting the gun on consignment at a local gun shop? You might make out better…


How does consignment exactly work? I only know they sell it for you but not the details.


I’ll take them off your hands for $177.60


Not funny man. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not certain. You tell store what you’re looking to get out of it & leave it. Ask what they expect for fee


I sold some cameras on consignment years ago. I set the price and they got 10 or 15 percent. They’d call you if they had a slightly lower offer and let you decide.
They required a price drop if it didn’t sell in 30 days or you take it back and pay a fee.

But that was years ago with cameras. Not sure if it works the same in the Gun world but I would expect so.


Ouch. Pretty steep. I guess I’ll just see if an individual wants either here locally or I’ll just keep both pieces.

I’m still curious if the surplus market dried up.


Don’t sell or trade guns just get more . You would be surprised at how much you can buy if you just save your pocket change.


Once the baby is born my pocket chance ceases to exist! I get it though hah. :cowboy_hat_face: Maybe I’ll get a decent bonus good enough and snag a Nagant revolver.

Most of the time I agree, but if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t have both my Mosins. :smiley: Sometimes it can be a good thing. The Makarov is just a range toy really, something for the collection. Isn’t practical to carry and my wife doesn’t enjoy shooting it.


until a couple years down the road and your range toy is worth a lot more and you want one just like it again.
or an ISIS C-Can full of Maks appears at Classic and they are dime a dozen…