Bullet guide for Vepr.

Im wondering if I should install a bullet guide myself or should I take it to a gunsmith?

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It’s easy to install the only issue you will run into is that the trunnion is hardened and you have to use a good tap to thread it and lots of a good tap oil I have found out the hard way that tap oil in this process is much better than other alternative
You have to hand thread this do not under any circumstances use a power tool
You do not want to break the tap off in the hole
You must go slow and make a lot of back turns to get the chips out
I can’t stress enough how much you have to be patient while doing this
The trunion is very very hard
Where are you getting your bullet guide from
Dinzag or Carolina ?

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Here’s a good tutorial on how it’s done
Please feel free to ask me questions if you need to

I haven’t decided on what company. I understand the process but I really dont want to screw up.

It just takes patience it’s not hard
The tapping of the whole is the critical part you have to go slow and use a lot of oil
And use a hand turn handle no power tools
Dinzag makes a good product as well as Carolina
Do you have a flat grunion or a rounded trunion

Is there a preferred bullet guide out of those two options?

Its a rounded trunion

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There both good imo
I’ve used both
More people prefer dinzag though

Side note
Installing a bullet guide in Yiur rifle will trigger 922r laws
Basically you need 6 America parts to be legal
A trigger group counts for 3
USA made magazines count for 3

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Thanks for the heads up. I didnt think about 922r. I belive the person who owned the rifle before me had a gunsmith put a new trigger in it. Ill have to find out what type trigger was installed

Fcg counts for 3
Stock 1
Pistol grip 1
Muzzle brake 1
Hand guards or rail 1
Magazine 3
As long as they are USA parts your good to go

If you post some photos I can help

I know the stock and fore grip didnt come with it obviously. Im not sure where the break is from.

Let me go take a few closer pictures.

Looks like a tabuk flash hider the is a proof mark you will either have a USA or a C marking if there made here
Not sure about the furniture though it would have the same markings
I have never seen someone ever get in trouble over 922r but better safe than sorry
What kind of mags are you running ?

I just have a factory 5 and 10 round mag right now.

It has a tapco G2 trigger.

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That’s 3 parts right there

Flash hider has no visable markings

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There’s a lot of conversion parts out there for vepr seriously
You could build whatever you like
Good mags are circle 10 Bulgarian
And many many more
Surplus steel mags are hard to find in 5.45
Most folks run the circle 10

It may be at the head of the threads