Bullpup Weapons, pros/cons what's new


Hahahhahaha I want an X95 but the wife picked one up instead… now I am on the fence about picking up a 40mm or something to that effect…



pity the poor sap prowling in her yard


I REALLY wish the P90/PS90 was mainstream. We, the 5.7x28 fans desperately need more ammo manufactures and bullet types. To my knowledge (could be mistaken) there is only three companies making 5.7x28 ammo. Not good enough!

I’m hugely interested in the F2000 as a result of my PS90 ownership. :cowboy_hat_face:


The S-2000 was a major disappointment for me. Sold all of the ones I owned. It would not reliably cycle 223 or cheap 556… a military weapon should shoot everything. While I could have enlarged the gas port in the barrel, for the money I should not have had to.
Love the P-90 Hard to get though… that’s FN’s fault. Great little gun and a hoot at full auto.



Is this a common problem?

How so? Low production or low exports? I did have to get lucky to get one at MSRP because everywhere else had the price inflated. I could sell mine (PS90) for a profit right now. Haha.


Well I shot the first one I ordered … it would not cycle, even on the adverse setting unless I used M855 ammo… then it worked ok.
So I pulled a second one from the box… same thing…
Then a third…
I gave up after that.



We did have a fun range day… lost of cool stuff to shoot that day.




How do you like the mp5? Ive always liked the looks of them. A 10mm version would be epic.


Good weapon, like the SIG MPX better, but prefer the forward left hand side charge handle on the MP5



and yet more envy videos posted :sunglasses:


just too damn ugly to own


Holy smokes… that is butt ugly… that is falling out of the ugly tree and hitting every damn branch on the way down ugly! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::clap::+1:


I thought the TriStar was a bit weird… but it is a bullpup SAGA so… if no one buys it, it is turning into a HALO project. Hahhahaha


That’s too bad. :frowning:

Unless that thing fires something large and nasty get that crap out of here.


It is really hard to decide sometimes. Obviously barrel length helps in may different ways. There is an optimum barrel length for any given situation of course and caliber. For 556, usually somewhere between 10.5 on the small end and 20 on the long end with modern ammunition.
So why would you not want a 13.5 inch barreled unit that is shorter than even a 8.5 inch PDW? :thinking:


I would never own…I don’t like anything about them…and yes I have shot a few and held many of them, they don’t anything for me…