Bullpup Weapons, pros/cons what's new


Same here. I agree with everything in your post.


Well the desert Tech MDR and the X95 from IWI have the same fire, safety, and mag release as an AR… bolt catch on both are behind the mag, right where your thumb is located while inserting a new mag.


We are headed out sometime today for a shoot. Maybe will will have time for video



That gun would look so much better in my possession! Lol


Hahahhahahahaa :+1:


Nice :+1:


Sometimes you just have to have fun… bullpups help with that… and smoke


He is also speaking from a mostly AR15 owners perspective, as are alot of people here. (Myself included)

Checkout this thread , go about half way down. I posted some articles I found from various blogs and forums on Israel’s opinion of the Tavor.

Also a neat article on an Israeli unit that switched back to the M4 from the Tavor.


Cant remember if I asked you but what does the maintenance look like on the Tavor/x95s?

Barrel/bolt life expectancy/round counts?
Spring life?
Any issues with the frame cracking?

I havnt seen much info out on the endurance of this platform.



Who doent love twins…


Holy smokes… thats a whole lotta awesomeness


They are supposed to run 20K with no problem… i have not run anywhere near that! All of mine show very little wear.