Bump Stocks - gone or here to stay

see if there is anyone you recognize


Well, I’m not giving mine up, I’m still using them.


How much you want to bet “military” ammo/calibers is one of the next thigs to go. They probably wont be able to ban semi autos so magazines and ammo are the next big things.


Military grade calibers. Soooo, everything from .223 up to 12ga shotguns.

Military grade ammo tends to have heavier primers than the civilian type, other than that, it’s the same ammo.


They started going after magazines and ammo, back in the 1990s.

The 1994 Assault Weapons Ban limited new magazines over 10 rounds to military and police, only. That ban expired in 2004, but there are some state bans still in effect, and they have been pushing to add more states, as well as a new federal ban.

They also passed a federal ban on armor piercing ammo, in the 1990s. Their goal was to ban any ammunition capable of defeating a standard police vest, which would have effectively banned all rifle calibers and many of the more powerful handgun calibers, because soft armor just isn’t rated to stop them. Fortunately, their bill went through some compromises, and it was limited to handgun ammo and had some wording on the design of the bullet.

The .224 Boz was probably the first caliber restricted by this ban, since it was designed for counter-terrorism forces to use in handguns and submachineguns against terrorists equipped with body armor.

The BATFE has also used the ‘armor piercing’ excuse to restrict importation of some types of 5.7FN ammo, and reclassified 5.45x39 as a handgun caliber, to restrict importation of some types of that caliber.


California has already mentioned it and several dems have hinted at it. They will attack ammo next, just watch. They will put on a big show about military ammo being too dangerous for us civilians and scare people into blindly voting. It is retarded but thats the the fuckwits on the left for you.


Bills are already being pushed. 50% tax on ammo, or 20 rounds a month limit on purchases.


Fuck them. I will happily enjoy buying on the black market JUST out of principal. And I suspect the vast majority of us who are fighting this treasonous activity will do the same because it absolutely flies in the face of the 2A AND prevents poor people from defending themselves. The very group(s) these far left idiots claim to care about.

So, this by a technicality, 100% of all regularly used calibers from .22LR and up were used by a military somewhere in the world as are knives as are pointy sticks and rocks. So by their definition EVERYTHING is a “military cartridge” and or weapon “a military” weapon. Good fucking grief Charlie Brown. I’m honestly so very pissed off we have ourselves in this mess. Let me rephrase. I am so very pissed off at AMERICANS for this mess.

I need to take a media break before I have another heart attack. The state of our country is really getting to me. We need to fucking bug out and move to the country already so I can enjoy what freedoms we have left in private. :cowboy_hat_face:

Oh, and on topic. Bump stocks are gone man, it’ll happen. A chintzy cheap piece of plastic that is a complete gimmick is what they focused on…give me a break. It’s a useless piece of junk anyway in my opinion. But I’d fight to protect your right to own it