But, but, we have 90% of Americans supporting us.

Perhaps the left doesn’t have the support they think they have.


The main danger of living in an echo chamber.

People that don’t consider other opinions, get lured into thinking that their opinions and beliefs are shared by the vast majority.


Or… Yet more propaganda from the anti-american, extremely narcissistic, communist pieces of… *#"$:;!.!!


Alot of them in your neck of the woods. I was at Best Buy and had a woman start grilling me about my pro gun clothing and wouldnt back off. I got pissed and asked her if she was usually this retarded or just off her meds today and she threw a McDonalds coffee at me then started puffing up… of course i automatically get called an idiotic Trump supporter because I believe in a constitutional right thats been on the books for a few hundred years… when Trumps ancestors were still probably foreigners. My mouth didnt help the situation but the bitch is lucky i didnt call the cops or Ike Turner her ass.


3 times now ive been fucked with in this general area by libs for my clothing choices… im 6’ 220 lbs and I have 100lb half dyke soccer moms wanting to fight me in parking lots over my clothing…I blame Hanford…Im going to start wearing anti-feminism clothing next with sammich quotes.


I always keep my phone handy. I click the power button 2 times and the camera opens.


I never considered recording it, thats a good idea.


Awesome! They secretly like it when I ask them to make me a sammich. I can tell by the sparks in their eyes. Lol . I make sure their hands are empty when I ask though.


Wow @Caw !!! You certainly have a great deal of restraint, I for one do not! That’s why I can’t go out much in any public place… Handford is partially to blame for sure because they draw in useless pieces of trash that can’t make it anywhere else and give them a check for breathing and walking… Also we have a lot of laboratories, research and R&D companies (government funding of course) that bring in the young college educated indoctrinated morons! I’m definitely a rare breed in this area… Can’t wait to move back to Idaho!!!


The 90% is a lie created by the Polls.
In the Senator Lee vids I posted up Lee ask Dr. John Lott about that and he essentially says the Polls are so are incorrectly done they cant even be considered a Poll. The Sampling the Data and everything. He has asked the agency (FBI) pollsters why they are so incorrectly done and gets no answers.
Funny you will also see two Moms Demand Action loosers leave the room once the cat is out.
Check it out.


Not much more to say about this subject except when politics is your religion (see leftist Authoritarians), you get fanatical about it…