Buying firearms online


Hey guys was wondering what everyones opinion was on buying firearms from sites like and all of the others. Ive been thinking about it and just don’t really trust making the transaction over the internet because you never know what your going to get…any input would be greatly appreciated


I have bought two from Kentucky gun company in the last year .


You can place your order and mail them a check or use a credit card I had no issues with them . They did not charge tax or shipping so all I had was a transfer fee of $15 .


I have ordered several firearms online. I mostly shop Bud’s gun shop. There shipping is awesome & there prices are great to. They have great customer service at least with me it has been great. I have had other purchase for CDNN Sports J&G Sales & others, with no issues. The firearm gets shipped to a FFL dealer of your choice most have FFL holders in your area on file.


My concern is spending $500 + and thwn getting a non functioning gun…does the manufacturer deal with that issue or would it have to be sent back to the place i bought it from


It depends on if you are buying a new firearm from Buds/CDNN/J&G, or a used firearm from a private seller. If you are buying new from a reputable distributor(Buds etc), you should be fine. If buying USED from one of those distributors(surplus or LE trade ins for example), call first to find out about their return policy. For private sales, I only deal with in state residents and meet in person so I can inspect the firearm first hand.


I like because you can meet the seller and see the gun before buying it. If you meet at a range, you can even try it out first. works like


First off I would not buy any firearm that I can’t hold, touch and check out. If you purchase online with your name and DL number and social security number then be wary. If you are worried ask them to take a picture of the gun they send you with a clear pic of the serial numbers and keep them as documentation. Any reputable gun dealer online will oblige you.