Buying magazines and accessories

I am fairly new to gun ownership and I am finding myself a bit overwhelmed when looking for accessories and whatnot. You would think it would be simple to buy toys for your toys, but the choices seem to be endless! Is there a trick to figuring out what fits what?

Specifically, I recently bought a Savage Scout model 11 carbine .308. It came with a 10 round magazine and I would like to buy a smaller one that is legal for hunting. I believe 5 rounds is maximum in my state, so I need a 4 round (or smaller) magazine. Any insight would be really helpful. Thanks!!!


You could try Midway USA or Brownells. I order most of my accessories as getting to a gun store is quite a daunting task for me. The only store around that isnt an all day drive charges 3x the price as anyone else.

Numrich is great for parts and pieces. Every piece. Also they have 4 round mags. I haven’t compared prices but they’re my go to for hard to find stuff.

Savage model 11…


You could try ordering online from Buds Gun Shop Online:

They sell guns, ammo, and various gun accessories.

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I had looked at Midway and Bud’s, and came away frustrated. Not saying anything negative about those sites, I just think there is a lot I have to learn.

Thanks for the link to the Numrich sight ThisOldGun. I think I found the one I’m looking for. But it says “For side magazine release only.” Does this mean the button for the magazine release is on the side of the gun? Which mine is. These are the kinds of terms that throw me for a loop.

Sounds like it to me but I’m no expert. Any Savage owners looking at this care to chime in?

Thanks for the reply Robert. Mine looks a bit different, but mine is a 10 rounder. The bottom half is wrapped in polymer and the bottom has a stamp of the old chief. The number on it says “110307” On the back end there is a small “hook” on the top where it connects on the back when it locks in

Like this. I just need the 4 round equivalent

That could be. It is brand new, I just bought it a couple weeks ago.

I looked on the Savage website and could not find a section for parts and accessories. Or maybe I just didn’t look in the right spot?

I do still have the box, and looked all over it but could not find a model number on it anywhere. On the gun itself it simply says “Savage Arms Modell 11”

But that magazine you just gave the link for looks exactly like it, with the same grooves on the sides.

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I found better pictures on the web as well…that’s it. Thanks Robert!!!

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