C/P/L barrel and link fitting

Hello, All
Reading a lot so far on this. Really like the Schuemann instructions.
Steps so far:
Fit barrel to slide so .020 feeler fits between top of barrel lugs and slide.
Fit barrel, (installed slide), no link, to frame so .015 feeler fits between barrel lugs and slide
(eventually I intend to open this up a little more, Schuemann says .020 but I think this will help during VIS fitting and link fitting)
With #3 or #4 link barrel contacts VIS without unlocking. Also, barrel ramp is about .100 short of mag well, so I need to remove material from the VIS until the barrel links down to .015 clearance. This looks like it will have the added benefit of moving the ramp back to better align with the mag well. At that point I intend to increase the unlinked vertical clearance between the top of the barrel lugs to the slide to the Schuemann recommended .020
Does this make sense, or am I going about it the hard way?


Did this all work out?


Hello Mosinvirus
Actually, had all my clearances just about perfect and then noticed the muzzle end of the bull barrel was undersized. about .692, slide was .702+/-. (I guess I should have checked before I fitted the hood and link) Fusion said to send it back anyway and they would send me another one. Haven’t seen the new one yet. Have the highride grip safety fitted/ blended and the trigger about right. Also ran into an issue with the frame, cuts for the trigger bar wide enough so they are visible from the rear on each side of the GS. Just going to live with that I suppose, something else to check when unpacking parts. Wilson trigger bow fits about right just behind trigger shoe, cut steps out about 1/2 way back. I think they must mill that cut from 2 different setups, rear setup just not in spec.


Whose frame is that? Seems like a pretty bad mistake. Is the trigger bow loose in the track?


Hell fire armory. Wilson bow snug up by the trigger, holds the bow pretty straight but yes loose at the back. Noticable step in the ways. I imagine the milling process requires the ways to be cut from 2 different positions, (unless they broach the straight part of the ways), and the rear setup sucked. This build is a lesson in what to check when unpacking. I don’t mind a little schooling, work my way through this one and then nail the next couple.
First build was a complete kit from 1911 Builders, came out very nice, this build barrel-frame-slide 3 different manufacturers. More learning involved.