CA Ammo Regulations


What about those in California who reload their own ammo?
Are the components regulated as much as factory made?
And how about the supplies needed for muzzle loaders?


I havent heard that reloaders are affected, and cannot remember the language of the laws on the books, but I am sure they will be scooped up too.


Not to my knowledge. My hubby would know more, but I think you can get brass, bullets, powder, and what not, no questions asked. Same for muzzle loaders, but the black powder seems to be a specialty item. Around here you go to a historical gun store to get that. But I could be wrong. @mquinn55, what do you know about that?


@g.willikers In Ca brass and bullets can be purchased online and shipped to home. Powder and primers can also but you pay haz mat fees as well ( I think these run about $16 and $32 for FedEx ) So not worth it in my opinion as it can be had locally.
Most gun stores have several powders but a reloading supply store is usually well stocked with anything you’re looking for.
Same is true for black powder supplies as well.


So I did the CA CoE online. It’s already approved and I have a number. It took 2 days. However I haven’t paid them and as far as I can tell, they’re not asking.

Not complaining, but it seems weird, like maybe I missed something. What do you think?


Did you do the live scan, etc?
Seems weird that it would have gone through without you having to put any payment information into the system.

If you did put your CC into the system, it may have not gone through your bank yet.

Did you also fill out and send in your C&R license app?


I did the live scan and I put the ATI number on the application. I did not put any payment information on there. I went back in and looked around at the fees and payment information. It doesn’t say anything about the fees for a new application other than the live scan. It does talk about renewal fees though. I mailed the C&R stuff a few days ago.


Hah, i guess there is no startup fee.
Well, when you get your C&R license, sign it and date it, then scan it and email it and COE to targetsportsusa, there is also a FFL email address for Brownells.

Brownells will give you a ffl discount.
Targetsportsusa will ship ammo to your door. Cases ship free.