CA Ammo Regulations


What about those in California who reload their own ammo?
Are the components regulated as much as factory made?
And how about the supplies needed for muzzle loaders?


I havent heard that reloaders are affected, and cannot remember the language of the laws on the books, but I am sure they will be scooped up too.


Not to my knowledge. My hubby would know more, but I think you can get brass, bullets, powder, and what not, no questions asked. Same for muzzle loaders, but the black powder seems to be a specialty item. Around here you go to a historical gun store to get that. But I could be wrong. @mquinn55, what do you know about that?


@g.willikers In Ca brass and bullets can be purchased online and shipped to home. Powder and primers can also but you pay haz mat fees as well ( I think these run about $16 and $32 for FedEx ) So not worth it in my opinion as it can be had locally.
Most gun stores have several powders but a reloading supply store is usually well stocked with anything you’re looking for.
Same is true for black powder supplies as well.