CaliforkaU Govenor after Modern Sporting Rifles

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a politician say, We need to rethink these gun free zones.


I would be happy if they would just think in general, let alone about that.


More KIA/DOA in Chicago alone than all the white guy “mass shootings” across the whole nation in a year.
Lets add in the other democrap murderous shitholes and the REAL picture comes a shining through. Libs can spin their BS 24/7
I offer a trip to my old FD AO on a hot Friday after sundown for a reality check.


Too many whites are afraid of defending themselves when they see their race attacked. If not in fear of being labeled a racist then in fear itself. How many people listened to this video. There were two things he kept mentioning, his race and his gun. It makes me absolutely sick.

All off the ten most dangerous cities in America is 1- ran by a democrat, and 2- majority non white. All of the safest cities in America are majority… you guessed it white and I think one Asian. Ran by both republican and democrats.

There are times in history that blacks in a group actually outperformed their white peers academically. The difference was they were taken away from their culture and put into better cultured area that was predominantly white and Christian. Thomas Sowell (a black man) goes over this in his book “black rednecks and white liberals”. This suggests that it’s definitely not a race problem. It’s a culture problem.

The same can be said about mass killers. It’s a culture problem. They have some sort of sick perverted idea of infamousy. The same with suicide, it’s a problem again of youth as the the highest contributor. These kids are reactionary these days. They’re not taught to wait things out. So convinced in the instant gratification of getting things now instead of waiting is a big contributor to this I think. It’s a joke people can blame this on race and supposedly “white supremacy” when their are so many other issues with this age group


There is so much more I could add to this, but you are correct about the culture. I’ll just say I taught career tech in a big school district that was predominantly black. The students that came from good parenting homes were well behaved and smart kids But there was very few of them. Most lived with grandparents cause their POS parents didn’t want them. none of them knew their father.

All brothers and sisters had different last names. Very few of them wanted to learn anything to get a job, can’t tell you many times I heard I don’t need a job, I gets a check. and they did, all of them. Most were around a 1000 a month. I didn’t believe it at first, they proved me wrong when they brought them to show me. checks were SS checks in their names. Their mother and father never worked to pay into SS, so why are they getting it.

I was at this school for many years and seen a lot of BS happen, I finally had enough of breaking up fights and having the smart mouth bastards curse me. years ago you could knock the crap out of them and silence that stuff, but later you couldn’t touch them. when all the administration became black we had to take courses on how to teach the African American male. seems they have to be taught different.

Their only problem was they were more interested in being a bad ass to learn. and why should they want to learn when the Govn. pays them to remain idiots. The last few years we were responsible for taking guns from them, but we couldn’t have one. forget that shit and forget all those administrators. I’m not dyin for none of em. I retired and don’t miss that shit a bit. There is so much more I could say but you get my point. we as a society have let this stuff get out of hand. the administration should have took control and set these punks straight instead of blaming it all on the white teachers. f all of em.

Rant off.


Also forget that faggot Governor from California.


That suckers talkin about morality and then uses gods name in vain.


Yep. ^ This.


I wish I could. But this POS takes every opportunity to push his lib shit on us.

Got his eye on 2024.


It’s all quite simple really… Good vs evil.
This piece of #$@& is merely a product of decades of indoctrination and trying anything to discredit, demonize, divide and concur the true honest God fearing red blooded patriotic AMERICAN
When good men do nothing evil prevails right!


My sister used to live there, she used to try and get me to move there. I hurt her feelings a few times on the answer. well it got so bad even she had to get out. she lives in Missouri now. She don’t have guns and couldn’t care less about them. it was other crap she got tired of. Of course EVERYTING I own is illegal there. not just guns, my trucks and everything.


Much of what you are saying are topics of the book I mentioned earlier by Thomas Sowell. I think you would enjoy it.

That said, he covers this extensively in the book along with your mentions of social security. He said many blacks will often make fun of smarter blacks who studied. They would tell them they were acting white, or call them uncle Tom’s and so on. As if their culture automatically shuns the act of learning as a derogatory act.

His mentions of social security and kids born out of wedlock are quite interesting too. He claimed and sites sources that prove these problems have progressively gotten worse after slavery, then even worse after the Jim Crow era, and even worse after affirmative action. Now they are pushing for reparations and the rabbit hole I’m sure will get deeper.

The problem is society treats them as a class rather than individuals.