California gun laws don’t work again ***shooting***

Gun laws don’t work. They never will. California has some of the strictest laws yet are still in the news quite a bit lately


Ok this is a great opportunity to prove to those who doubted me that Fox News is no longer our friend. They are beginning to lean further left. Just read this article VERY closely.

You’ll see shit like this:

wielding a military assault-style rifle


It’s a republican agenda now. And someone has pushed the mute button on the NRA. I’m sure the republicans are influencing all this. CNN is a state ran media for democrats and FOX is a state ran media for republicans. The democrats control the ACLU and the republicans control the NRA


Puppets, mearly puppets… There is and has been a overwhelming force controlling and feeding the propaganda machine…
Remember they said we would raise their flag without a shot being fired, things we see happening are mearly their subtle, decades long, idialogical campaign to destroy America and everything we believe in…