California Gun Roster - New Additions


The good news:

The bad news:

Really need to leave this place!


WTF, 61 pages of deletions?

four additions?


Yes, but to be fair, the list covers everything that’s been removed since 2001. Only 3 removed in 2018 so far. 38 were removed last year.


And for all that, who feels safer?

maybe the thugs


Here’s the list of manufacturers you can buy in California - not all models mind you. But there are notable manufacturers missing from this list.



Really impressed with the strapping on the orthopedic boot. :sunglasses:


Lots of room for patches.


I wonder how those DEs got added.


In Wisconsin they tried to have the DE on the list of banned handguns, not by naming it, but by setting an upper weight limit of 5 pounds.


It’s really hard to believe that all the voters in that state agree to put up with that crap.
Does everyone there have their heads up their whatzits?
I lived there when I was in my early twenties and it was nothing like this.
Where did all the fools come from since then?


I wish I knew. Some immigrated. Some are victims of college brainwashing. Some just were born that way.


Mainly there are a lot of people that want free stuff.
That is what it all comes down to.

The government promises them they will take the stuff from the “rich” to give to everyone else.

Then there are a lot of people that want to feel good about themselves. So when the government wants to secure their positions by bringing in a lot of people “in need” that will eventually vote for that government, other i-want-to-feel-like-I-did-somethings will support those “movements” because it feels good to say things like “we should help everyone” and “we have money to spare”. They are never the ones opening their doors to homeless, nor are they the ones signing up to be sponsors for some immigrant family for example.

Basically they want socialism where government makes the decisions for them, and maybe they get some free stuff in return. That is why they support the likes of 30-magazine-clip DeLeon.

And then when the government they trust completely says guns are bad those who didnt have any instantly support what the government “role models” say, and those that had guns go and cut off pieces for social media while breaking existing laws.

Can you feel how close I am mentally to bone out of California?


Sorry for the rant in your thread.


Think I’ll draft myself a cardboard sign that reads “will work for freedom” as thats preferable to me than making one that reads “slave, takes free stuff”


Not a problem. Kinda the point actually. We should have more outrage at this stupidity.