Calling all Californians


How ‘bout all us folks from California sound off?

If you’re from this semi prison of a state identity yourself and what country you’re in.

Let’s discuss recent and pending legislation, how you responded to the Assault Weapons Registration requirement, and what we can do (or at least try) to get back some freedom.

I’ll start:
I’m Mark from South Orange County.

CRPA member.

Fortunate to have a CCW friendly Sheriff and, currently, a Republican Rep to Congress. Whom, I might point out, you’ve never heard of. I’d like to encourage her to be a bit more vocal so she shows up on the news from time to time.

I opted for the fixed mag option to avoid registration of my AR, over the featureless option. Having some inconsistent feeding issues as a result.

I’d be interested in seeing what we as a group can do to rev up the vote here in the next few weeks.

Alright. Let’s hear from you?


so you agreed to 2nd Amendment restrictions ?


I did. Not proud of it. Trying to fight the powers here but if I get pulled over with what the state defines as an unregistered assault weapon, I lose it, all my other guns, my ability to conceal carry and a shit load of money “maybe” getting it back.

So yeah.


You all in CA that are here need to wake up the sleeping giant — the silent majority. There are so many MORE reasonable center and right folks that do not agree with the toxic left that could possible start voting these socialist left wing fuckers out.

Otherwise do what you can to leave. It’ll be worth it.


If you agree and abide by such useless infringements then you will just have to deal with it, what will you agree to next ? you can move, a lot of people are…


I will be moving eventually but can’t yet for family reasons. But the problem I have in general with just moving is that it’s just giving up. Not something I do lightly. If everyone just moves you end up with nowhere else to run.

Rather stay in the fight myself.


Moved this thread to Open Carry.
I think a number of the new members mentioned living in Ca and would find this thread more readily here.


Read my mind!! Was about to do the same.


In a war you can’t always hold your ground. Stay and die or retreat, reinforce, come back and decimate the enemy. I think you made a valid strategical decision.


who are you fighting ? 1 against 1000 is not a fight…California has proven gun owners in that state do not stick together, Brown just signed more Laws and new Gov. will sign even more…only a fight with removing the Communists and Liberals would have any effect…I don’t see California changing until they collapse financially and cannot write anymore bad checks…a war in the streets will have to happen…


If by agree, did we vote for this? Umm, no. The California legislature has this really sneaky way of getting these laws through called “gut and amend” where they can float a bill that’s titled “Let’s help all the Homeless“ and then once approved, they can change it to “Let’s take everybody’s guns away”. They snuck all this crap through. The voters had no say.

I’d like to think we have some say with who we vote for, but they also like to redefine the districts so that enough left people can vote for the left guy. California is crooked. Just look at the map. We’re leaving just as soon as humanly possible.


Are you here in Ca?
I’d be happy to discuss the ins and outs of all this in another thread if you’d like to start one.

What I’m trying to do here is get some like minded Californians to share some thoughts on issues that concern US CALIFORNIANS.

So if you’d be so kind as to not try to hijack this thread I’d really appreciate it.


So here’s some recent Ca legislative tidbits.
Our governor, as strange as this seems, vetoed two anti gun bills.
One of them was SB221 which began life dealing with “Criminal Fines: HIV Prevention and Education“
And was subsequently “gutted and amended” (as @EQuinn pointed out is almost an SOP for the CA legislature) and ended up as a gun and ammo sale ban at gun shows that take place at the Cow Palace in San Francisco.
The other bills vetoed relate to expanding the people who can apply for a gun violence restraining order and imposing a once per 30 days limit on purchasing a long gun. (We currently have this limit on handgun purchases.)

One bill he did sign was to up the age for long gun purchases to 21.

Here’s more info on this:


Hello. I am also in California.

Los Angeles county. Many of you know what that means for carry, etc.

In order for us to actually have a chance of changing something:

  1. People need to vote. Many say it doesnt matter so they dont. But that is why it hasn’t mattered so far…

  2. We need to stop splitting our votes.


Amen to the not splitting votes. In the GUBERnatorial primary I preferred Travis Allen over John Cox but he didn’t have a prayer. So I voted Cox.
Otherwise it’d been the two democraps.
So we have a chance at least of a veto machine for the state assembly shenanigans.

One of the things that bugs me worst is that, all things being equal, the fact that we live about 40 miles apart I can get a CCW pretty easy and you have almost no chance. That’s bs. So is the handgun roster.


Voters do have say…Does California have recall Laws ?


We do. But the process is daunting. The CPRA has tried this but faced questionable pushback from various state officials questioning invalid signatures and such.
Here’s the process outlined.


I am not in California, been there a couple times and would never live there. Sharing thoughts concerning gun issues in Ca. has been going on for years along with a lot of other states and NO organization ( NRA ) and others to what I can see have done much…plenty of people talk about it…


I appreciate what you are saying, but you more than most know if you are going to fight for something you have to be in the battle. Mquinn can not fight this battle if he moved to let’s say Texas.
If all the pro 2nd amendment people moved out of California then the next state would be the target.
I don’t agree with our full auto laws but I damn sure remove all auto sears from my builds. I can’t protect my family or vote for that matter from prison.
We have to fight smart to win anything in this battle.


Silicon Valley here. Unfortunately the local sheriff will only give a CCW permit to those that have made LARGE contributions to her reelection coffers. Nothing for normal citizens.