Calling all CZ 75 aficionados

Greetings all!
Newby, first post.
Newly addicted to handgun modification and have exhausted all online research for my 09 CZ 75 SP-01 Phantom.
I thought it had a extended barrel from the pictures on Gun Broker but once I received it the barrel was factory matching numbered and 4.6/4.7? in length. The barrel sticks out +1/4" (5/64ths) and all of the pictures I’ve seen have the barrel crown just past the slide.

My question is: did the first production Phantoms come with a 3/16th shorter slide and dust cover?
I have seen 08 Phantoms for sale on GB with a 4.5 barrel. The specs on the Phantom say 4.6 to 4.7 depending who’s talking.
Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any info.
Little John

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Got it figured out. Didn’t realize that CZ barrels measure overall including the feed ramp. Should have known I would find out after posting the question. Now I’m wondering if there was a few Australian Phantoms ordered in 2009 and if so how many. Also has any one threaded the Australian barrel for a micro 9 (like a nano)? That only leaves 3/16 of thread. Maybe ok for a light can? Maybe go with a replacement barrel fitted in?
Any thoughts?
Much appreciated.

A newby here myself !

Does a happy P07 owner count ? I got a lot of help on the “Original CZ Forum”, and felt confident enough to disassemble and polish the innards after 1000 rounds.
Hard to believe the difference it made in both DA and SA operation. It had already improved some after 500 rounds, and seemed to have reached a plateau that still seemed a bit rough.
I had thought I was going to need some parts from CGW, but am quite happy with it since the work I did on it, and can apply those funds toward a range toy for the wife !

P-01 and P-07 here. Great guns.

I love CZs, first handgun I ever fired was a CZ P75, It was a rental gun at the local range and an absolute tack driver… I’ve since had a few P01s but currently CZless. I will have to buy one soon

I have a CZ75 SP-01 Phantom, it’s about 9 years old and bought it new. The slide rail is 7" long and the length of the barrel is 4.5" not including the feed ramp. The total length of the slide at it’s longest point is about 7 1/4". The barrel does not come past the slide but more than 1 mm and she does not have a dust cover. I also have a different hammer and the trigger isn’t polished.
She can make a great shooter out of me, is perfectly dependable, and the only complaint I’ve ever heard is on the low profile of the slide. Something to consider if you have fat potato fingers I suppose.

75-BD Police & a P-01 great pistols

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