Calling out the NRA


The NRA is not getting into the fight to protect our rights the way they should. Check out the video and share your thoughts.


You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately the NRA doesn’t care what anyone thinks that is a life member and disagrees with their stance on a great many issues.
The NRA has continued to slowly compromise OUR rights away bit by bit, and now with the NRA not taking a stance with the bump stock ban; well that’s it for me. Many people tell me to not cut my nose off to spite my face… what do you call what they are doing?
We don’t give them money to lay down and let overreacting laws to infringe on our rights!

Every single dollar I spend is a vote. And that vote lays inline with my morals and beliefs period. On a long enough time line any and all “groups” you belong to will slowly change ether with the times, or with the management, or with the core members of said group. We see this in history with even entire countries.

I personally believe right now my money will go further with other organizations that are not the NRA. They might get 75 percent of what they do right, but why not find someone who can hit the 90-99 percentile?

“Shall not be infringed” is plain English. To compromise is to loose ground on some aspect. I am not being selfish here. I’m thinking of my kids future, and the future of all citizens of the greatest country on earth AMERICA


Same here = pay the yearly dues but my political money goes elsewhere now


My money is going to GOA now.
Perhaps one day the NRA will oust the current administration and bring back a Heston type admin.


This was good

I was sure hoping for more from this


I hope they get back in the game


They sure claim to be



I hope they get back to that also


What a “good” guy! So humble, so honest, so selfless… yeah right.




you have something to aspire to now Robert - so stick with Full30


more results driven than money

but if we can turn some of those evil minds towards firearms ownership then I’m in :sunglasses:


Heston’s “cold dead hands” statement was good, but previously (shortly after he was elected to office in the NRA) he had stated in an interview that there was no reason for private individuals to own an AK47. The NRA lost members over that statement, and Heston backed off slightly, saying he had thought the question was about full-auto AK47s, but he did not fully retract it.

The NRA’s lobbyist for the TN legislature asked the state Speaker to table a pro-carry bill and pass another bill instead. The alternate bill made a show of being pro-carry, but effectively did nothing (clarified a line in previously existing law, but didn’t address the actual problem).

I’ve heard the NRA’s lobbyist for the FL legislature is even worse.


His salary could be used to protect our rights instead of line his pockets.


You are absolutely correct!


100% this. And this is exactly one of the main reasons the NRA is utterly useless and too big for their own britches. Plus personally I think in terms of protecting the 2A the NRA is nothing but a scam. No offense to anyone here who is a lifer but I will never join this ORG so long as they support banning ANYTHING and or RED FLAG LAWS and then BEG you for more money


Funny that you say that @Mister_Torgue. A representative from the NRA called me just two weeks ago. She was polite and asked if I could donate $75.00. to the NRA to fight for my rights in D.C…I calmly and politely asked her why I would give the NRA my money when they did not oppose the bump stock ban and didn’t file a lawsuit? And furthermore told her that I believed that my money would be better suited for an organization that was actively trying to restore my rights rather than a organization like the NRA that sat and let the rights of millions of Americans go away.

She calmly with a breaking voice and from what I could tell her holding back tears, she said “ thank you sir for letting me finish what I was saying” “have a good day”. I said I hope you have a good day too ma’am.

I’m assuming that I was the first person that actually was polite to her on the phone that day, and I did feel sorry for her having to make telephone calls to unreceptive members, and asking for money.

With that being said I know I’m not the only unhappy member they have, and now I have to vote for new board members.


Wow what an ordeal. I bet their call center has a low morale (and low wage).