Camo patterns rank!


Hello, community.
There are a lot of camo patterns nowadays. One of them is good at summer others in winter. You can find camo for dessert and for arctic use. Let`s see what is the most popular.
Please, rank your top 5 favorite camo patterns.
Here is my TOP 5:

1 MultiCam

2 MARPAT (MARine PATtern)

3 Flecktarn

4 MTP (Multi-Terrain Pattern)

5 M81 Woodland


I’ve always liked woodland MARPAT better than desert. The navy’s seabee camo is pretty cool as well. But something really has me with the old Vietnam Tiger stripe.


In no particular order… Desert ‘chocolate chip’, Tiger stripe, A-Tacs, Oakleaf, Multicam.



Yes, but a lot of new patterns were presented recently. Maybe someone will open some new one for me. I know that some of us has NUMBER one camo. Just want to know which and why?


If that’s what you’re after then my #1 is multicam. I’ve worn a lot of garbage uniforms in my time. This is the best I’ve had real world experience with.


I like many, but I still think the old woodland camo works best in my environments.


1 Rhodesian
2 Digital Desert
3 Natural Gear brown
4 US Army current desert
5 Czech two color desert.

I live in the scrub desert, can you tell?


^ This. Gotta love the classics.


I’ve got multi cam, real tree designs etc. But here in Pennsylvania, I personally believe the classic woodland pattern works about the best. Urban situation excluded.



This is the camo I want!


My most hunted recently is Mossy Oak BreakUp. Works well for three season camo.

Later in the season or in dry grass I like Bottomland Rockoflage.



My favorites are multi-cam and a-tacs au camo, but like everyone else says I guess it depends on the terrain.


Always been a fan of Kryptek, and the price of Kryptek fabric has been reasonable compared to other brands.



My favorite in order from top being the most liked, and bottom not so much.