Can we get the big guys to help thwart gun control?


With many states forcing unconstitutional gun laws down the throats of lawful gun owners…do you think the involvement and support of the big gun manufacturers like Glock, Remington, etc would help?

Curious to hear your thoughts!

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Takes money to fight money

and they have a lot of it to lose so I hope they’d start investing it to win


@Robert my thoughts exactly! Without us lawful customers, they are in trouble!


How much would these large manufacturers lose if they no longer have government contracts because of funding pro-gun causes? I think we saw who gets supplied first in a shortage during the ammo crisis a few years ago when the feds ordered billions of rounds. The manufacturers said they were producing as fast as always, but there was still little to no ammo available to the public.
I’m not saying I think it is a bad idea. I’m just offering a possible line of thinking from the business’ side. The government has a lot more of our money to spend than we do.


The irony is that it’s always the little company’s that refuse to sell to the government, and not the big ones.


hmmm Springfield Armoury kind of jumps out there…