Can you say HK?


Technically not a Gas gun but a blow-back.
But there isn’t a blow-back section.
My vice in this category is the HK-91.
Now this is a MACHINE!
Delayed roller blow-back and pushing 180 grain projectile at 2K +.
7.62 X 51 (not the wimpy 5.56. Yes I know I will catch heck for that).
I consider the 91 a Battle Rifle unlike the AR or AK.
Its heavy but accurate and hits like a large truck.
Cinder block wall? No Problem.




This will be up your alley.


As I said WOW is an understatement switchpod.
Mine is a 1982 Pre-Ban original Heckler and Koch.
Pics will come when the War Dept releases my New camera on XMas.
She is holding it hostage until then. LOL


I cut trees down with our 1980 91
A true F^%$#G BOOM machine.


meh, no thread about HK-91 is complete without the obligatory FAL is better comment


War Dept released the camera.
I need to learn how to use it however (Obviously).
But here a few…


And lets not forget his little hangout friend.