Canik TP9SFX recommendation?

Does anyone have any experience with these. All of the reviews seem to be good, but you can’t always trust them. Great price for a handgun that compares to the big names if it is good.

I have a TP9SF not sure the difference with the TP9SFX. Its a great gun especially for the price. I love the crisp trigger and the quick reset. I honestly prefer the Canik over my Glock or S&W. You won’t regret buying it.

I have about 1000 rounds through my TP9SFX, slide wouldn’t lock back on first couple of mags but has since run flawlessly. Has some wear spots that I would consider normal. I think for the price point, reliability and accuracy it cannot be beat!

Sounds good. Did you put a red dot on it?

Vortex venom, works great

I bought one when they first came out on a whim, I liked it, it was accurate and ran fine, but the trigger was too light for me…I eventually sold it…

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Not the same model but I recently bought a TP9DA and love it to death. The grip and trigger are excellent, very naturally pointable. Plus you cannot beat this quality for the price.