Can't Watch Full 30 Videos


I dropped all of my YT gun channel subscriptions that were duplicates on Full 30 when Full 30 came out, but today I dropped all of the Full 30 subscriptions and went back to them on YT. Here’s why:

  • I can’t watch videos on Full 30. I click on the link in my email and there’s nothing; OR it takes me to the video but nothing runs; OR it uploads so slowly that it’s horribly choppy; OR Full 30 doesn’t even have the same video that’s on YT. I could go on, but you get the idea. I’ve cleared caches, logged off then back on, hit refresh over and over, but nothing works. YT doesn’t have these issues. I’m sorry Full 30, but there are problems that just seem to never go away. I hope you get them fixed so I can come back.


I have the same issues. Thought it was my tablet.


Hi All, videos are playing on my laptop/pc but are not showing on Android tablet. The playback screen is blank, its playing because when i long press the screen i can save the video. Just cant see it or hear it. Anyone else?
PS. Great work you guys are doing and i bet you are going to be even busier in the days to come. Good luck to all involved. H6


Yep same problem for me. Was very enthusiastic to come here from YouTube, but haven’t been able to watch a single video on my Android tablet in Firefox.

Please give us some help here. don’t want to go back to communist YouTube


Windows 7 running Chrome - videos won’t even show up.


Same here. Can’t view videos. Would love to get off of YT,


I have the same problem videos won’t play ?


Videos are working well for me from both my windows PC and my mac, but sometimes I have trouble using my iPad. I think full30 isn’t fully mobile optimized.


Just a quick heads up. Videos for me would not be visible with Yandex browser, they were playing but not visible. I’m glad to report that all’s good now, playing perfectly. Don’t know wether it’s by fluke or you have done technical work to resolve this issue. What ever way thanks, now I can enjoy content on the move, well done team!


They play fine on my ipad. When you click on the thumbnail and it takes you to the video I had to click on the blank screen again but it started up no problem.


Something has definitely changed, this week everything has been playing perfectly for me. Site feels much faster and videos load and play instantly! Now I just wish there was more content… hopefully they can open it up to more content creators!