Carbon fiber AR parts


Hello, I am actively scouring the interwebs for two remaining parts for a light weight home defense AR. Those parts are a carbon fiber buffer tube, and a carbon fiber foregrip however I am clueless as to where I could acquire these. Any info would be appreciated!!


I don`t think you can get any lighter than a mil spec buffer tube and as far as a fore stock is what you mean there are a few of them out to be had. but as far as the vertical grip no.


If you want light, go with Smoke Composites. They make a carbon fiber “stock” castle nut and end plate. Super awesome.
Also, I think they are now making a carbon fiber hand guard. But check out V Seven too… they have some super light weight stuff.


I’ve seen some b seven stuff it was nice


My two, three and four cents on this:
Ain’t those lightweight parts kind of pricey?
Maybe more time at the gym would be better, certainly less expensive…
Your rifle wouldn’t actually weigh less, but it would feel a lot lighter.
Seriously, when I decided to get into the shotgun sports, a 12 gauge felt like it weighed a ton.
Exercising brought that felt weight down from pounds to what seemed like ounces.
All that dough needed to buy expensive gear might be better used for more ammo, shooting and maybe some genuine instruction and training.
Just a thought.


I agree
Expensive parts don’t make a person a operator
Training and practice do


The part that can go unnoticed is without good training it’s nearly impossible to know what and how to practice.


We have requests for light weight ARs a lot. Some just want them lightweight, some love the parts, some want to brag. Just about no one tells us they want it lighter because they are not strong enough to handle a full size and weight of a weapon (minus some really small women)
I have an AR that I didn’t try to make super light. It weights 4.9 pounds with a mag. So I get it… but I do not use it for anything but a display.

I still want to build a 4 pound rifle. Just need the time. Hahhaha


I want to see a Daniel Defense style torture test of one of those skeletonized (not sure if that is word) ARs.


F1 has lots of video beating theirs. But, at the end of the day it is not a combat weapon. I personally think that’s where there is a lot of issues. A fun gun is just that. Fun! While there are many parts that will do both, be fun and can serve as either replacement or upgraded combat parts, there are even more that will not. We are in a lucky position to use any parts we want in a harsh environment. We service weapons that are 20 to 25 thousand rounds a year at full auto. So we get to play with how abused the parts are. Gas tubes of different brands, BCGs Etc.


what prevents these rifles from being duty/self defense grade?


Well, all depends on the model of course. The one I posted is their skeleton model. Obviously if you have 30 holes to let dirt and what ever else into the mechanical mechanism it will jam and fail to fire / feed… a sealed weapon can survive more outside elements than an open unit. To a certain degree at least.


Is there any structural issues like the recievers twisting or breaking?


No, but if you are just looking for cool looking, they are that.


They are unique, thats for sure.


They are, but… if there is a catastrophic failure with the firearm, there is not much protecting your face… hand is less of an issue (firing hand) and we never recomend holding the rifle by the lower receiver for the same reason. It is noticeably more gassy around the face especially with a DI setup. A piston drive would be better.


A skeletonized AK probably makes more sense since the ARs reliability depends on it being sealed up tight. Have you seen any skeleton AKs?


I saw an attempt… that has been it.


Just run it with the top off :grinning:


I haven’t seen anything like that
I’ve seen lightning cuts on milled guns but no open cuts on a receiver

Running with out the dust cover would be about as skeleton as I would get