Carry emergency cash for when the credit card machones don't work


There are a lot of reasons why we need to carry extra cash on us. Look at what is happening with the hurricane. There will be a lot of people who will not be able to get the items they need. Thoughts?


This is a smart move obviously
When ones mind switches to a (preppers) mentality this makes obvious sense to keep some cash and valuables on hand for bartering
There are several other things of value that most sheep don’t realize
Preparedness isn’t a state of mind in my opinion it’s a whole life style shift and a lot of the sheep don’t understand that
They think they will just go to Walmart when the shift


Totally agree.
Another concern, especially in the event of a natural disaster is a run on banks and those banks not having enough cash on hand.

I had an experience about a year ago where I needed about $6k in cash. Obviously it’s not possible to get that much from an external ATM. I went inside and was told they couldn’t give me that much cash because it would deplete their supply if other people need cash.

But hey, this is my money. Not theirs.
In the end I was able to get half from the ATM inside the bank and they gave me the rest over the counter.
But it opened my eyes to the fact that money today is digital. If the grid goes down all my accounts are inaccessible at least for the short term and possibly gone forever.
It makes the old mattresses filled with cash look less goofy. But it also reinforced my decision to have gold and silver available for long term situations.


About 10 years ago I removed all my money from the bank savings and such and invested in silver and some gold and other hard assets
The March of the banks towards digital currency has been very incremental and people have while heartedly and readily followed along
Thinking oh the government insured my money it’s safe
I used to try to wake people up but I truly believe that most are too far gone
I’ve spent a lot of time effort and cash to train and prepare so that my family has a fighting chance to survive in the coming collapse

A solid point that most sheep don’t understand is that the dollar is the reserve currency to the world
And this fact is staked on petroleum
More and more countries don’t want to buy petroleum in the dollar any longer and when we lose that stronghold our dollar is only worth how much shit it will wipe out of your ass


I’ve often wondered what denominations would be best, change could not always be made but carrying a butt load of ones would get pretty cumbersome and could be a quick tell . I’m thinking like maybe $20 in ones, maybe $50 in 5’s and $100 or so in $20’s . Maybe more if your stash allows.


Situation dictates
A ready supply should be well diversified


Had issues with banks years ago, I don’t keep $ there. I only deposit what I need to when I need to. That way I always have access!




Speaking of control of $$$, you mentioned in your video earlier, you get a microscopic percentage if we buy things via links you provided. You might have mentioned, but I can’t see, is there anywhere you sell training videos, shirts, etc. Directly?


Yes. I usually include the link in my video description to the shop section of my website. It is through Spreadshirt.


Wonder how good silver and gold coins would serve as a medium of exchange these days.
It might be hard to even convince anyone under the age of 80 to even recognize them as money.
Especially the pre 1965 US coins that were 90% siver instead of the junk we use today.
To many people they look the same.
Trying to convince all the people who don’t know this could be a real challenge.


Short term I agree. In a long term situation I think it finds its way back as a medium of exchange. Has throughout history.

Pretty funny video here about a guy trying to sell a 1oz gold coin for $25. The story alone that he needs cash to pay his cell phone bill probably made plenty of people suspicious but at one point he says they’re welcome to have it checked in a coin shop and still no one takes it. Wish I’d have been there.


Mark dice is so funny


That’s not surprising.
A friend once tried to get a loan on his coin collection from a bank.
He took pictures of the collection along with an appraisal of their value from a local coin dealer to the bank.
The appraisal included the coin dealers buy agreement, as well as the appraisal to verify the actual cash value.
My friend also had had plenty of previous loan experience with this bank.
Even though he only wanted a temporary loan for a fraction of the coins appraisal, he was turned down.
Even bankers have forgotten what hard money is.


I never leave the house with less than 10’s of dollars on me.


I would have given him the C$50 face value.


I always carry three to five hundred on me . You never know when you find something to good to pass up and cash talks. And wildlife I mean guns not what you’ve been posting lately.


@Jtr Lmfao




I used to laugh about thinking of the hordes of people that are going to run on the banks when they wake up one mornknv and all there finds are gone