Carry pistols: Mod or keep stock?


What does everyone think about customizing your carry guns? Do you just roll it stock? Do you just run after market sights and a light? Or do you go full modifications with triggers, slide releases, etc?


I keep my M&P Shield stock. No bells and whistles for me. Good topic though!


Same here -same gun. I think the correct holster is job 1.
Can’t get it out quick? Then any customizing is pointless.


Depends on who’s doing the customization/mod work Bubba the butcher or a master gunsmith armor?


Ive started reading some of Massad Ayoob’s stuff and he makes a pretty good case for keeping your carry gun stock as can be. The legal system isnt very reasonable or forgiving when it comes to armed citizens defending yourselves.


The last thing ya’ need is a cantankerous defense weapon.
The more modifications, the greater the chance for even the best gunsmith to make mistakes.
Add the legalities and prejudices for self defense use and my vote is to leave it stock and choose the same or similar weapon as the local police.


What if you have a physical limitation or a handicap severe arthritic hands still no use for modifications then?


True enough. It the legal system that gets in the way. Here in Ca you can’t modify your trigger if you want the weapon on your CCW. Sights are about it. Technically even grip changes can keep a gun off your permit. Now in point of fact the guy that makes that judgment is the trainer at the CCW class and as far as I’ve seen unless you’ve got an obvious less than 5lb trigger they don’t squawk much.


IMO, a EDC should be as stock as possible with the exception of sights. Glock OEM sights suck. I look at it in a legal standpoint. If the weapon is used, the prosecutor will use any changes against you.


Your attorney probably could make a case for it.


Any gun that you’ve assembled yourself will be construed as highly modified by the prosecuting attorney!


Glock 43 stock, changed the front sight but changed it back. I like the bright white dot.


I’ll also vote keeping the EDC stock. The last thing you want to have happen is to be painted one of those “tacticool”-like douches by LE and or the DA/ADA. If a justified defensive shooting happens you will need all the help you can get…


if you are having to modify your carry gun fresh out of the box, why?
Is it because you don’t trust it in it’s original form?
Many years ago when I did have a ATC my choice was a walem 48, very accurate bit anemic (.380 ACP) or my .38super Goverment 1911 or the issue Browning HP. Two were shoulder holstered and a pain, the other could be on my hip with a jean jacket. The only thing I ever did to the colt was to add a gold cup barrel bushing, because I was better off throwing than shooting before that.


I’m stock with my Shield except for MagGuts magazine mods to add 2 rounds (NY limits me to 10 round mags). I figure an EDC may be “disposable” and run mine pretty much stock.

My Colt Officers .45 ACP I have a replacement barrel, bushing and spring kit, Gold Cup trigger and stoning, and some action work.

If you ever have to use it you’ll never see it again; so I try not to get too attached to my EDC.


Tru Glo low sights on my Glocks. That’s all.


I bought a Glock 19 gen5, with the standard Glock poly sights. Knowing I was going to change them for night sights which would work for my eye sight. (Dam my failing eyes) I looked at some of the gen5’s that came with nights sights on them but I didn’t like them. That’s all I have changed on my edc. I carry a stream light so I have not added a light to the rail. Anyone have any laser experience on an edc?


Change the grips, if needed.

Try to keep all else stock, but understand when someone gets a professional to customize a gun to the owner’s liking.

Legal aspect of changing trigger pull (especially) - yeah, I had heard about Ayoob’s warning and agree with it mostly. But, look at his guns - some do have some changes.


So my next question is, why mod a home defense rifle and not a pistol? Is it not treated the same way in self defense cases?


I prefer to keep my EDC stock for the reasons mentioned above. I also avoid the Zombie Max ammo or any other ammo that sounds nasty.