Carry pistols: Mod or keep stock?


I am following your collective thoughts for EDC and self defense purposes. I am considering the basic mods that can be defended in courts by virtue of general safety applications. Whatever enhances safe gun handling should be permissible but I might stop by the local Police and have the armorer sign off for retaining goals of public safety but also personal safety.


I’ve since taken the stance that tangible and beneficial modifications are the best way to go. Sights, trigger, grip tape, and a heavy captured recoil spring all ride on my carry SP2022. All of these make for a more shootable handgun, which means if I ever need to use it (hopefully not), I will be faster and more accurate. If I can stop the threat sooner, and reduce my chances of missing and hitting something not intended, I see no reason not to make these modifications. I’d rather be alive to explain myself.

Aaron Cowen of Sage Dynamics makes a bunch of good points on carry gun modifications, if any of you are interested. Notably, handguns are made for everyone and no one. A glock will fit most people’s hands, but it’s not designed to fit your hand. Make the gun work for you, don’t work around the gun.


My EDC is all tricked out. New parts. All painted. New trigger. Light. Laser.


I’ve heard the argument, but I’ve never once, in all my LE career, seen someone convicted of a slaying because of the makeup of his/her gun. I’ve heard of them try, but never a conviction. Even the “you’re fucked” AZ cops were acquitted.


I agree that a conviction would be very difficult in a legitimate self-defense case. However, I wouldn’t want to give them a reason to try.


Robocop1051, et al:

Take a look at Massad Ayoob’s writings. He has a background in law enforcement as well as writing gun-related articles and books. He often focuses on the legal issues.


Great info. Thank you.


If it is a good shoot than what parts are on your gun wont matter as long as they are legal. The only thing I can stress is training, training with the gun you carry and training for situations so you will make the judgment call and execute well with your weapon.

If you are more comfortable with different sights, a better trigger, etc. than do it. just train so you will wield the weapon safely and efficiently. That being said, a lot of carry pistols need no upgrades, if you believe you NEED to update your pistol out of the box, you might have picked the wrong one. I think the most important thing when shooting is comfort, if it isn’t comfortable in your hand than you wont shoot as well. for that reason, I believe grip upgrades are the most important for a carry gun. in a quick self defense situation, sights are going to be less important than you think, as are other things like triggers.

But if you want to mod your gun, I say do it because it is your constitutional right!


Duty; never
EDC SD; nope
Sport; of course!

Reasoning; too many scenarios in variations by States, District, DAs, and AGs. States vary GREATLY for laws protecting CCP holders and scenarios found in public.

The hook; there are possible criminal proceedings, and then there are civil proceedings which can occur no matter the outcome of the criminal process. If you have not studied your laws and case laws and politicians in GREAT detail and depth, just ask your self 1 question; How much am I willing to lose? (House, kids’ college money, 401(b)(k), pension, …Therein lies the potential quick sand; These are decisions we each make individually, no different than what each of us might say during said incident/scenarios to either exemplify reasonableness, or Hollywood dumbaserry for a prison stay. It really doesn’t matter what somebody here says once in front of judge and jury.


I think it would be best to buy a factory gun configured the way you want it.


I try to keep my carry guns as stock as possible. That said, I just put the Lobos trigger in my VP9SK. I did have some reservations about it though. Still not sure how I feel about it, but I’m very pleased with the result. Its a great package.