Carrying a loaded gun at home


How many of you guys keep a gun on you while at home? Here are some interesting points that you may want to consider.


Pretty much, if I got pants on I’m armed.


Hell, I still wear my gun belt & holster in my underwear. In fact, I am right now!


I don’t have any pants on and… wait, I’m wearing gym shorts and still armed no kids to worry about.


When I’m at / in the house I have at least one firearm within 2’ of my position. Usually on me.


@LonewolfMcQuade @Jeff300

Great. Two images I can’t get out of my brain.




I always hear “pictures, or it didn’t happen!” It’s your lucky day, I’ll spare you :joy:


I don’t. Since we don’t have kids they are within easy reach.


A mix of on me, and/or near me.

Keeping them safe from the young one, though.




That’ll be us in about a year. I’ll probably have it in a holster on me without a round in the chamber.


Family does a double take when they see me without my gun on my hip. The dogs know it’s bed time when I take it off, press check to make sure the goblins didn’t magically empty the chamber, then I lovingly lay it in its own bed next to mine till the morning.
I’m not paranoid, but the Boy Scouts taught me well. I’m overly prepared for most occasions. Damn Eagle Scout.


Same here


That’s dedication




I know what you mean


Ha ha




Always be prepared