Castle Tactical saying hello


Greetings, people of like mind. Came here to enjoy people/companies/products that I’d be interested in, and to share mine with whoever is interested. I am a long-time gun owner, not much of a hunter (would like to get into turkey hunting). I am in New Mexico, originally from New York. Sites like FB and YT don’t seem to like what I’m selling, which makes it pretty difficult. I’m also hoping we can avert a war that the left seems desperately to want, but I’m sure there are forums for that so I’ll bite my tongue.


welcome! :+1:


Well your at the right spot now! Welcome


Welcome to full30!


Welcome to Full30 @CastleTactical Good to have you here. I think many of us have either left, or been removed from the anti-social-media sites.

Be sure to check out the list of content creators and give them a subscribe.


Welcome to full30! Pull up a chair.




Welcome @CastleTactical
Great to have you at the funny farm!


Welcome in. You’re going to like it here.


Are you any relation to Castle Tactical in Cedar Park Texas?


No. I’m aware of them, though. They sell stuff, I make stuff (and sell). I don’t think it’s a conflict. I’ve been around for a couple years longer than they have.


Do you have a web site? I am a Homicide Hunter fan :grin:


Welcome aboard.


Welcome pretty decent community here

#15 I put some pictures from the event on the CT Facebook page:

Oh, my personal FB has pix of Carl and his wife:


Welcome to Full30…:crown:


Welcome to the forum!


Welcome, be careful taking on Turkey hunting it becomes an obsession


Welcome @CastleTactical there are some awesome people here. I “maintain” a presence on other Social media… but this is where I live now.


I left all the others.