CCW gun belts, what do you use?


I currently use a SOG nylon 1.75". I’m looking for another belt & was wondering what you guys like & wear.


511 instructor the one with the stainless steel bukle.


SOE 1.75 cobra riggers belt.


Triple K leather. Garrison or Casual.


I use both a G-code holsters active response/shooter belt, and a double thickness custom made leather belt I picked up in NC. Whatever belt(s) you use, I suggest using only one thickness, either 1.75 or 1.5. Mixing widths becomes a pain with what pieces of kit you can carry real quick.


Walmart. Lol. Seriously though, my old Fobus holster does a real good job of keeping my CCW where it belongs. The belt is just for support.

That being said, it is imperative that you regularly inspect your belt and holster for any cracks and excessive wear. If its in question, throw it away.