Ccw holsters for XL people


Conceal carry holsters for heavy people


I find it’s not just the holster that needs consideration but the pistol, method of carry concealed, position and clothing. They matter even more for us fat people. For me since I was a truck driver a shoulder rig worked very well. If I wanted to wear a IWB holster I found the hybrid IWB holsters worked the best for me. Leather backing with a kydex shell are just comfortable to me. I would wear them from 3 o’clock to 5 o’clock. Also I tend to carry a fullsize pistol so that dictates position method of carry. If I decided to carry a smaller pistol I would imagine I would have more options for carrying it.


I use N82. I dislike the grip rubbing against my skin. They use a full cover so no chance of gun rub. I dislike them because your retention requires a slight twist of the gun to release. Gotta get rid of the love handles!


Who is the maker of the N82,? I am unfamiliar with that holster thanks


I forgot to add a link in my previous post. They make some really nice and comfortable holsters.

Keyhole Holsters


I use Aliengear IWB at 3 o’clock position every day. I’ve carried a Beretta PX4 compact, a CZ Rami, and currently a Glock 19 all with Aliengear IWB holsters, and it’s so comfortable I don’t even feel the gun most of the time.I had to go up a size or two in the waistband, but I can conceal any of those guns very well with it. I highly recommend Aliengear.


Thank you sir greatly appreciated.


Do you like using tuck holsters with your shirt tucked in?


I do not care for tucking my shirt in at all. Any kind of work shirts or button up shirts I wear I generally get the kind that you don’t have to tuck in but still look good. Also they help in better concealment and quicker to get to my weapon as well.