Celebrities with Guns


Just saw this on the internet and wondered what other celebrities enjoy (or have enjoyed) the gun world.

I did have a bit of a laugh in how the author of the article described Jerry Lewis’s gun collection. Perhaps you will, too.



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Thanks for your concern.

Is it too late for you?


Well, not to worry. Glad you joined the forum for a bit.


@JohnB, how about Elvis Presley he was kind of famous TKB .38



Yeah, he had his own indoor shooting range at his mansion in Memphis.

I have been there as a tourist. Very interesting place (Graceland).


Here are some more celebrities with guns:

Interesting that quite a few apparently only own 1, or a few, guns.


Ahh Elvis. He was the King.

Reminded me of this song.


Ill read it when yard work is done. I loved Jerry Lewis… I have to admit, Dean Martin and the rat pack make up most of my range playlist :wink: Wife hates it.