Censorship on the Internet


The Internet has censored Alex Jones. Think about this, not just one site, but several, all within hours of each other. This should concern you, even if you don’t agree with Mr. Jones. The fact that the free exchange if ideas is being controlled should raise a red flag. Private business or not, sites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Apple, and others should not be censoring. We’ve had several pages, groups, and channels deleted costing us years of work, and thousands in income. This time they silenced the wrong guy. I look forward to the wave that’s coming, and I plan to join. It’s also why I’m looking at alternative sites like Full30

Full30 channel: https://www.full30.com/channels/tacticalreviews


I may not agree with some to most of what he says but absolutely he should not of been silenced. I’m just afraid he is such a loud brash figure (like Bill O’Reilly for example) that most of the people in our camp could care less and I think that’s the wrong attitude to have.

This behavior of these far left technology companies will continue until their non-leftist user base moves on completely and or the government labels them a monopoly (which they are) and split them up. The latter only delays the inevitable but does give time for other competition to grow thus hitting them where it counts most–the pocketbook.


That’s fu@#ed up! Wow, they just censored me! Seriously though, it looks like this may be the tipping point for many. There’s obvious bias, left wing propaganda always seems to "sneak"through on the big sites. Trying to suppress whats right will not be tolerated


I’ve been saying for a few years now. They started with smaller sites, such as mine. We don’t have the resources to fight them legally, so they win. The vast majority of people say, well, they’re a private company, they can do as they wish. They then moved up to larger companies to test the waters. Remove them, there’s a back lash and they return the sites. Wait a bit and do it again. Each step they get bolder and have more pubic support. Ie, I hate Alex Jones, he’s a loud mouth, I’m glad he’s gone. All the while failing to see the real issue. What you love is what another person hates. When what you love is removed, another person will be saying I’m glad it’s gone.

It’s freedom OF speech, not freedom FROM speech. It’s the free exchange of ideas, not freedom from it. The only exception of that is calls for death or violence. I don’t listed to Mr. Jones, but I 100% support his right to speak.


I really wish the left and these stupid angry college kid snowflakes understood that bit.


Censorship will get them one day. At that point they will be like, wait, this is bad now. No, it was bad all along, you just supported it.


Utterly tyrannical

if only there was a previous historical lesson to learn from :thinking:


Of all the people for them to ban, Mr. Jones has to be the loudest, and someone with deep pockets. IMO, a box has been opened, and it won’t end well, for the big IT companies.


Perhaps this was their intention TR. You know Mr. Jones is going to go all out here and this is what they may be using as a “see we told you all of these people who disagree with us are like him”. I hope he doesn’t take the bait and concentrates on taking the professional and logical approach.

This will get worse before it gets better, but lately I have seen a bunch of young people of all demographics start to reject the left’s bullshit and that has given me a small ray of hope. I just really hope this continues because we need these young people because they are what’s relevant right now–not anyone middle aged or older like the rest of us.


While I know your correct, let’s not write off us oldies just yet.
I think I’ll go for a walk.


And yet so many young people and youtube personalities think net neutrality is a good thing.



Thought I heard that on a louder with crowder episode. I’ll need to research further. I do know apple and such want NN. I’ll delete that part for now until I can verify.