Center Axis Relock System

Hi everyone,

while reading about the movie John Wick 2 i stumbled upon a shooting technique called CAR (Centre Axis Relock).
While looking pretty “cool” and tactical in action sequences, the actual techniques of this system seem to contradict the fundamentals of the isosceles stance which i prefer and teach.
So what i’d like to know is if any of you have ever tried this system and if so, does it actually work for CQB?

Greetings from Germany


It does look cool but the reality is that you should stick with isosceles or Weaver.


simple - use your fundamentals (trigger control, sight picture and breathing) and adapt to the unique situation. Staying rigid to a “Stance” can only get you killed. The modern takicool shooter pew pews the tea cup grip, but that grip is very effective in a confined area and provides good accuracy when bracing the supporting elbow against your body.


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