Certified badge


As a new member here, you may have noticed you can earn badges. One is the certified badge.

But how do you get this badge? Well, you take the interactive new user tutorial. The real mystery is, where is this tutorial. I wanted to make this post to help the new members receive this badge.

Step one, click on your account Icon, upper right corner.

Step two, click on the Email icon.

Step three, click on the Email you got from DiscoBot when you first set up your account.

Step four, read the Email and follow all the steps.

When you finish all the steps, not only will you have the certified badge, you will have a better understanding of how the site works,

I hope you find this useful. :sunglasses:

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Hey tx for the heads up😋


My pleasure. I know for some it can be frustrating at first, and asking questions is hard for some.


And some of us are old and the kids probably cant even relate!there were no computers
When we were young.and boys didnt take typing and home ec.


Lol, ya, my first computer was a Vic20. My first and only computer class was my senior year and was on a IBM. My first program was written with punch cards.


Not all of us are racist against bots though, BOT LIVES MATTER!


Bots are people too.


They are automaton people.


If the blow dryer gets you excited you might be automaton curious.


If you can’t walk through home depot without getting overly excited, you may be curious.


If the blender makes you feel young again, you may be curious.


Can you look at wires without getting excited?


Are people who look up dirty videos on an iphone considered “automaton curious”?


Only if they’re looking up wiring diagrams.


I get a twitch when I see the female end of an extension cord, should I be worried?


Yeah. I just did it too. I’ve had people telling me I’ve been certifiable for years. Now it’s official!!


You love to strip wires


I dont swing that way, I prefer electrical outlets but no judgement here. what people do behind closed doors is their buissness.


Fire with fire man,u gotta use the system to beat the system?
And who doesnt hate it when your own stuff beats you down?


You will find me lurking around harbour freight trying to pick up tools​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: